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3 Killer Lines to Say to a Woman – Make Them Love You Using Your Words

Women love sweet talk, most of all when the sweet talk comes across as honest and true. As the man in your relationship, it would be your duty to keep your woman happy by knowing what to say to make her melt in your arms and become completely addicted to your word anyway.

It would not matter whether she is your girlfriend or whether you are still running after her; you need to keep a woman happy by spewing out romantic lines as often as possible. Keep reading to find out the 3 top lines that you can say to women to make them fall desperately in love with you…

The 3 Top Lines To Say To Women To Make Them Fall In Love With You

Line #1. “I Will Always Love You… Until The End Of Time.” This might sound direct and simple, but it really works wonders! In fact, it works much better than the regular “I love you” that might get boring to a woman’s ears after a while. By stating that you will always love her, it will show that you are making a commitment, which is something that women deem to be highly attractive. Try it out!

Line #2. “I Want To Spend The Rest Of My Life In Your Arms.” This would be the ultimate ‘insecurity buster’ to ensure that she feels like you will never leave her side. Nothing would appeal to a woman more in the long run than a man that is ready to face every life challenge with her. That is why this line works wonder.

Line #3. “I’m The Luckiest Man On Earth To Be With You”. If you can deliver this line sincerely, your woman will instantly melt in your arms. It would, however, be absolutely essential not to sound too amused when you say this, though. Say it just right.

Remember that you will need to deliver these lines congruently for your woman to believe you – otherwise she will think that you are a fake, and her attraction levels to you will reduce. It’s really not always the words you say, but how you say it. Don’t forget that!



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