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3 Penis Enlargement Exercises That Will Increase the Girth of Your Penis in No Time

If you think that the girth of your penis isn’t big enough to satisfy your sexual partners, then you might want to look into penis enlargement exercises to get the size that you want. While there are a lot of different exercises that you can look into to enlarge your penis nowadays, in general, you should know that there are special ones that focus solely on improving penile girth – believe it. Here are the top 3 penis enlargement exercises that will increase the girth of your penis in no time.

The Horse 440 Squeeze

When it comes to penis enlargement exercises, the Horse 440 Squeeze can laterally expand the tunica by displacing the blood inside of the penis. To do this, all you have to do is get an erection and then firmly grip your penis at the base to ensure that the blood inside of it will not be able to escape. Then, loosen your grip a little bit and clench your PC muscles while gripping the base to stop the blood from getting out again. Keep doing this until your erection gets really hard.

Once you have a firm erection, form an OK symbol with the other hand and slide it over the tip of your penis while still keeping the other hand tightly clamped at the base. This will displace the blood inside the glans and make the tunica expand laterally. Since there is so much internal pressure involved with this particular exercise, though, it would be best to do it alongside other penis enlargement exercises, like jelq squeezes, which you can find out more about next.

The Jelq Squeeze

The jelq squeeze is basically a modified version of jelqing, in which it is different because it mostly focuses on penile girth. This exercise will basically trap blood inside the penis in order to help you control significant internal pressures.

To start, slather on some lubrication and then form an OK symbol with one hand to grip your semi-erection with. Form an OK symbol with the other hand, as well, and grip your penis right above where your other hand is. After that, move your grip up while slowly counting to 3. Keep alternating hands after this and repeat these motions for as long as you want.

The Plumped Bend

Generally speaking, there are two different ways to do the Plumped Bend. The first way involves doing the bend to work the septum at the opposite direction of the bend and exerting lateral pressure onto the point-forward bit of the bend. The second way does the exact same thing, except the other hand is used to grip the base instead. This will completely stop the blood from flowing through the veins and will exert lateral pressure onto both ends of the bend at the same time.

While forced lateral expansion will be present in both of these penis enlargement exercises and their version, the latter one doesn’t really make the septum feel like it is working as hard as it does with the first version. Either way, it would be absolutely vital to be very careful when doing either one of these exercises. As a matter of fact, the Plumped Bend requires an especially good amount of knowledge and experience with penis enlargement before it can be tried out and implemented.

Please keep in mind that you should never bend your penis during any of these penis enlargement exercises. In fact, trying to do so could be very dangerous. However, there is nothing wrong with creating an OK symbol and bending a plumped penis after the erection subsides for a bit.



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