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Am I Being Two Timed? Useful Ways Which Will Help You Find Out If He Is Really Playing With You

There are so many women who cannot see that their man is two timing them. If you suspect that there is something odd about the way your man is behaving then you need to shake yourself out of the relationship induced coma and see if your man is seeing someone else. Here are some telltale signs that suggest that your man is two timing you.

His behavior will change suddenly

If your man is two timing then you will find a sudden shift in his behavior. He might have started out like a devoted and loyal lover but all of a sudden you find him shifting his attention from you completely. If his behavior does a 306 degree turn then you have something to worry about.

You catch him lying

When your man two times you he will have to build a web of lies. It won’t be long that soon after he will be caught in his self built web. Keep your eyes and ears open and hear what your man says with attention. You will yourself discover the loopholes in his story.

He is unreasonably defensive

Offense is the best defense. If your man seems to be on the defensive at all times with you and seems to take offense on just about everything then it is cause for you to worry. Being unreasonably defensive means that your man has something to hide.

He will look up reasons to start a fight

If you see that your man is picking up fights with you for no reason then your man could be two timing you. If he liked everything about you earlier but now cannot agree with anything that you do then you have reason to worry. His reaction to you could be because he likes somebody else.

He doesn’t want to be seen with you outside

If your man takes to meeting you behind closed doors at all times then you should smell a rat. Your man could be using you for sex if all he wants to do is meet you where no one can see you together.

He wouldn’t offer commitment

Talk about commitment or taking your relationship to the next level and your man will either blow his lid or quickly look for a way of changing the topic by creating a diversion. If your man refuses to offer commitment to you and behaves oddly then he could be two timing you.

He will create an emotional distance

If you find your man looking only at physical gratification from you but maintain an emotional distance then he could be two timing you.



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