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Aqua Pure Water Filter Review – Should You Buy Or Avoid?

Aqua Pure Water Filters are among the more widely known and used ones in the water purifier industry, but are they really the best? If you’ve read my review of, you know that the popular filters aren’t always the best.

Is this true for Aqua Pure too? The company themselves state that you need to find out the potential hazards in your particular water supply prior to buying any purification system.

This is because the dangers for one house may be different for another, and before you know the right one to buy, you have to know what you need taken out of your water.

All you have to do to test the water is get a small portion of it, and put a test strip inside it. Then you see what color the strip has turned. The color is what will inform you what things are inside your water, and therefore what needs to be eliminated.

This is why one particular water purifier model will not work for every house, simply due to the act that different harmful substances exist in different areas. If you live in an area where the water is not pretreated, for example, your purification needs will be far different than if you were in a place where it was.

There are many basic contaminants you should be looking for. For a full list, you just look online. The Aqua Pure Water Filters receive their ratings because of how many microns they are capable of eliminating, and most filters are somewhere from five to one-half.

The smaller that micron number is, the better the filter is, because the more microns it is capable of. Most basic filters can at least get rid of most chlorine and lead, the more basic things, but often times aren’t able to get rid of the micro bacteria often found in water.

The micron number for Aqua Pure Water Filter models is different for each variety. I’m not saying you need to get the lowest number one there is, as this will also be the most expensive, but don’t cut corners on your health either.



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