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Are You in a Micro Relationship? – The New Relationship

Micro Relationship, is it the new relationship? It seems there is a new trend arising in relationships, as more people Tarzan from one relationship to another at blazing speed, the online dating world has spawned micro-relationships, or a “micro”. What twitter has done for blogging, dating websites are doing for relationships.

The new length of time for what is considered a relationship can last from 1 weekend to a month – a micro relationship. These micros are longer than flings but are too short to be considered a true relationship, maybe they should be called flips, a combination of fling and relationships. No matter the name, these have become the new relationship.

What causes a micro? It occurs when two people have instant attraction for one another but nothing in common. Most long term relationships are built on attraction and similarities such as hobbies, beliefs, or circle of friends, but the micro is built on attraction alone. Once the physical attraction fades and they realize they have nothing in common with that person it is over.

How does a micro evolve? Online dating has spawned these micros because online daters are usually attracted to someone based strictly on looks or a photo alone. So when this couple meets up, if the attraction is present, attraction alone can drive this relationship until it fades away as fast as it started.

After the intimacy wears off, they realize they have nothing in common. It is similar to building a house on a foundation made of sand; it is just a matter of time before it collapses. Now, both parties think there into each other because they find each other attractive and their getting along in the short term but it is a relationship mirage.

Micros are characterized by speed, novelty, intimacy, and excitement and that is what also spawns more and more of these types of relationships. It is similar to what people experience when they have an adrenaline rush based on a certain activity.

Imagine the thrill seeker, the person that gets a high off of bungee jumping or skydiving, it’s a high that leads to more of the same behavior. This is what happens during micro relationships, people develop an addiction like behavior to meeting new people with instant intimacy and the addiction takes on a life of its own.

Micros are different from flings because the intention is not to have a fling and they last longer than flings. However, these twitter type of relationships are shorter than a committed relationship. So the micro relationship is somewhere between a fling and a long term relationship and is usually characterized by lots of intimacy.

After the intimacy has worn off, these two people must get to know one another and that is when the relationship breaks down. The new relationship, or micro, will only become more pervasive as more and more single people get online and continue to be drawn to the opposite sex based strictly on looks. This is good news for the online dating websites but bad news for people looking for love online.



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