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Backpacking Gear – Buy the Best and Save the Headaches

There are endless enjoyment opportunities you can do in the great outdoors. You can take a walk around the block or carry a backpack and head across the world. It is up to your imagination to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, or the cold or rain. As long as you plan ahead and use the experience of your friends as well as reading articles such as this, you should be fine.

You cannot tell who is or who is not a backpacker. My wife and I ran into a young couple while on a three day trip in the Yukon Territory of Northern Canada. They were no more than 21 or 22 years of age. They had well used backpacking equipment we assumed they had bought from a used outlet somewhere. We decided to spend the night nearby and over dinner we found they have been backpacking for four years and were on their way to their vehicle after a 9 day hike. They were experienced packers. You cannot tell a book by the cover. They had purchased their gear when they first met and although it looked a little ragged now it was still doing them well.

We have found over the years that quality counts, especially when it comes to backpacking equipment. The cheaper gear you will find in discount stores and the like will leave you in dire straits someday.

We left on a five day backpacking tour of the Cape Breton Highlands on Cape Breton Island on the Canadian east coast. A beautiful place to hike. Our friends had pretty good equipment except for the tent. They could afford a new one, but they were trying to get one more year out of it. On the third night out we camped on the middle of the trail as there was no clearing big enough. An eight foot wide dry creek cut the trail. We camped on one side of it and they camped on the other. Their tent was old. They had lost the poles years ago and simply cut a small tree to use. In the middle of the night we were hit by a cloudburst with thunder and lightening smashing here and there. The wind blew their tent apart. It was torn to shreds. Everything they had was soaking wet. Needless to say their trip was ruined.

If you are going to get into the great sport of backpacking go to the best outdoor store and buy the best equipment you can afford. You will not be sorry.



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