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Blood in Dog Urine – What Does This Mean?

Blood in dog urine could be an un-spayed female going into heat but it can also be the sign of a urinary tract infection, the most common health problem associated with dogs. This type of infection is actually very common but if left untreated, it can cause damage to the bladder and kidneys, and even lead to death. Blood in dog urine is nothing to play around with so if you notice even a small amount, it is important that you seek veterinarian care immediately.

Blood in dog’s urine can be something serious or nothing much to worry about at all but we strongly recommend you consider the following information so you will have a much better understanding of a real emergency calling for quick action.

· Fact: blood in dog urine is most commonly associated with a UTI or urinary tract infection just like humans get. This type of infection could have developed within several areas of the bladder system to include the actual bladder, kidneys, or urethra. In most cases, blood in dog urine caused by an UTI is easy to treat. However, if the dog is not treated in a relatively fast time, it could cause serious health problems and unfortunately, even death.

· Another possibility where blood in dog urine is seen is when a female has an infection in the uterus. In this situation, the infection is developing within the vagina, making it hard to identify. The reason is that the blood may only be seen at the time the dog urinates, making it hard to spot. In addition, some degree of normal spotting might also be seen if your female had recently been spayed or had a litter of pups.

· For male dogs, blood in dog urine could be the result of a gland infection specific to the prostrate. Typically, you would notice the male’s testicles and penis having some swelling and in this instance, your dog needs to be checked right away.

· Although not as common, this disorder could be from some kind of injury. Sometimes, an animal may fall or even be hit by a car without any telltale signs until the degree of injury increases. Therefore, if there is no viable reason for blood in the dog’s urine, take it seriously.

· Bladder or kidney stones can also cause blood in dog urine. Most often, you would notice the dog having a reduced appetite, acting lethargic, and perhaps even whining when trying to urinate.

· Unfortunately, dogs have been known to be poisoned with rat poisoning. This cruel attempt to quiet a barking or mean dog can lead to horrific pain. Even dogs can get into containers out in the garage and become poisoned so be sure to keep anything harmful out of reach from noisy paws.

The bottom line is that blood in dog urine could be caused by numerous things. Therefore, if you have no idea why, seek veterinarian care immediately. In addition, pay close attention to any signs and symptoms that your pet may be displaying. Since infection is often associated with blood in dog’s urine, we strongly advise you not take any chances and make sure your dog gets checked out.

Once at the veterinarian’s office, your dog will go through a series of tests so the actual culprit can be identified. From there, the proper treatment option would be offered to bring your dog back to full health. In addition, we recommend that you put your pet on a natural supplement that will encourage a healthy bladder so infections that cause blood in dog urine is avoided altogether. These supplements are easy to administer and they work amazingly well. Whether in liquid or granule form, you can simply place the supplement in your dog’s mouth each day so you have many years of enjoyment together.



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