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Can A Door Gym Give You An Intense Full Body Workout?

If you’ve ever worked out at home, you know that it can be difficult because you are not sure what to do. Then you need to figure out how many exercises to do and how many times to do them. There are books available on working out but somehow they expect you to have all this equipment available. Who has the money for that right?

Gym Frustrations

I have worked out in crowded gyms and I felt kind of rushed as I waited for people to finish using the machines until it was my turn. My idea of getting in a quick work out means being able to setup the equipment quickly and going from station to station without a lot of waiting around.

What I’ve found frustrating about the gym I go to is that people are always just standing around talking instead of really using the equipment like they should. I just want to get out of there. I know they are not doing it on purpose but they are delaying my time in the gym and it is now going to take me longer to get home.

What is a Door Gym

Small workout equipment that does not require a lot of space. I am describing a piece of equipment classified as a door gym. Why is it described as a door gym? Simple! It attaches to the back of any door in your house or apartment.

I thinks it’s a crafty idea. The goal of a door gym is to minimize work out time by providing you the ability to workout at home. Usually home equipment machines are bulky, take up a lot of space. This however, takes up very little space because it attaches to the back of any door in just a few minutes. It is portable so it can taken when traveling so finding a gym is not needed. The resistance of the power bands is up to 200 lbs providing ample resistance.

For workout equipment to be useful, they should provide you with both a printed manual and a DVD. The workouts should be described and shown and there should be enough exercises to keep things interesting. If you can throw in short workouts, that is great.

Is It Hype or Is It Really Worth It?

A good door gym will come with attachments for both legs and hands, making it possible to complete whole body workouts in a short time. Enough resistance should be provided to make the workout challenging. You may have seen personal trainers in the gym utilizing power bands and that’s what you want to look for to provide constant resistance. Working out at home definitely has its perks and if it can save driving time, it becomes even more attractive and worth looking into.



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