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Chihuahua Training Tips To Deal With Biting And Nipping Problems

When dealing with a chihuahua that has a biting problem, it is important not to make it worse or cause other problems. It is important to be consistent with your chihuahua training and give your chihuahua a clear message that biting is unacceptable behaviour.

To achieve this, avoid rough play, wrestling, slapping and intense petting particularly around their mouth area. When playing with a chihuahua that has biting problems, keep your hands slow. Also start petting your chihuahua slowly. Owners of biting and nippy chihuahua’s should also avoid any games that involve biting. All these types of games will actually only encourage biting.

Biting and nipping is a normal behaviour among dogs so consistency is very important in your chihuahua training. Consistently remind your chihuahua that teeth on skin behaviour is unacceptable. Not using consistency will only increase the difficulty in eradicating the problem later.

Give your chihuahua plenty of exercise, as this is great for burning off their energy. Some chihuahua’s bite simply because it is a way to burn off this energy. Exercise is also a great way to keep your chihuahua fit and healthy. At times you are not always the only person around your chihuahua so always educate other people interacting with your chihuahua not to encourage their biting. Inform them of the chihuahua training you are implementing. Again if its yourself, family members or friends, consistency plays a major part in your chihuahua training success.

Chihuahuas will sometimes have tender and sore gums as a puppy while teething just like humans, so biting at this stage is pretty much guaranteed to happen. The best way to overcome this is to use a soft chew toy. Any time your chihuahua puppy nips or places their teeth on your skin, replace your finger or hand with the chew toy and praise your chihuahua with a “good dog” and maybe a gentle scratch. Most pet stores have a range of these chew toys used especially for puppy teething.

Another tip is the instant your chihuahua puts their teeth on skin, stop what you are doing and basically freeze. It is important and may take practice, since it is a natural reaction to pull away once bitten or nipped. When you stop and freeze, say “no.”. They will usually take their mouths away, then after a moment of no biting, praise and reward their non-biting. If your chihuahua bites or nips again, repeat the process. If after a few times your chihuahua continues to bite, give them a while of ignoring them. Although this may seem a passive way to address this problem, it sends a message to the dog. That message is, “I will not give you attention when you bite.” After a while you may approach and resume playing with your chihuahua, provided they do not start biting again.



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