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Choose Your Own Change – The Joy of Self Improvement

Each person has the luxury to choose your own change that you want to see in your life. This takes a lot of courage as most people hate to change their lives. This is human nature because we have a fear of the unknown and prefer getting subpar results as long as we can predict the outcome. We cannot control the outcomes in life but we can choose how we live our lives which increases our chance for success.

Change is Good

At some point in our lives we encounter frustrations and see that life is not headed in the direction we want. As the saying goes, “If you keep doing the same thing then you will always get the same results.” People want to better themselves and their circumstances because the feelings that reality brings are subpar. This means having to do something you have never done if you want something that you have never had. The best way to accomplish dreams is by changing yourself for the best. No company expects higher revenue sales without raising their standards and we cannot expect better results with raising our own standards.

People love to hear about a man facing insurmountable odds and coming out on top. This works in Hollywood but the majority of us will find ourselves climbing a topless mountain developing skills that we are not born with. When you resolve to change your life start with building on the strengths you have and then you can become unstoppable. Raising a standard for ourselves helps us to enhance our strengths. This can include eliminating drinking, smoking, or any other inhibitors that prevent us from achieving what we want. Change starts with holding ourselves accountable and making ourselves better from the inside out.

What Do You Want

When people desire change most do not want to alter their routines and habits but the results that they are getting. This cannot work because 1+1 will always equal two no matter how hard we try to argue it. The same applies with detrimental daily routines and indulging in them day after day and year after year. Eventually the results we get are not the outcome of one incident but are the result of repeated actions done over and over. This is why the habitual smoker raises their chance of lung cancer and the compulsive over eater will inevitably become obese. Change in results we want for ourselves starts with changing our daily habits so that they align with what we want in life. The best step is to decide what you want and then align yourself with your goals.

The path to success starts with setting goals and then taking the talents you have to achieve them. The statement, “It’s the system stupid,” is a common phrase and is very true. What works for one man will not work for every single person. Self-awareness is an important tool to have when it allows you to see your talents and how to properly use them to get what you want.

In Conclusion

You can choose your own change but you must be willing to do it based on your strengths. Take the time to set goals and then analyze your talents. By taking what is already strong you can tailor them to achieving what you want in life.



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