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Choosing a Bhutan Tour Operator for Your Upcoming Bhutan Vacation

Now that is a tad pretentious I know. I am assuming that you are coming to Bhutan to see all of us. It goes without saying that as one of the most reputable Bhutan tour operators, we would want you to come and experience what I believe will be your finest vacation yet. Having said that, we are aware that any international trip will surely rattle your pocket book just a little bit. Therefore, let us help you plan your upcoming Bhutan vacation judiciously so that it emerges as the penultimate experience we would like it to be.

Choosing the Right Bhutan Tour Operator

In a perfect spirit of disclosure, I need to tell you that we are a leading Bhutan tour operator with many years of rich experience in transforming vacations into dreams. Does that prevent us from being objective? I don’t believe so. On the contrary, I think it allows us to share with you some of the reasons why we are so successful in our humble role as Bhutan’s #1 travel facilitators. So here are a few things you should consider:

1. Deal with a Bhutan tour operator that is licensed by the Government of Bhutan. Not all are and so you should specifically ask about this and validate their credentials.

2. The cost of your Bhutan package is determined by the Government and not by the travel company you will eventually select. However, ask the company in clear terms to give you a detailed run down of how they plan to serve you.

3. If your upcoming Bhutan travel involves hotel stays, ask them to specify which hotels you will be patronizing and check them out on the Internet. If you happen to have a particular hotel preference, chances are that it will be accommodated.

4. Ask for a phone number and engage in a productive discussion with the Bhutan tour operator you have selected before you sign the dotted line. Bhutan is no longer a country that dwells in the past. It is both traditional and modern simultaneously in its own unique way and there are plenty of cell phones in Bhutan to help you connect with your new found friends.

5. Bhutan tour operators will gladly provide you with references-your fellow citizens who have visited the country in months gone by. Ask for references.

6. Initiate the process of checking out the Bhutan travel company well in advance. International vacations demand a generous dose of timely pre-planning. However, they are well worth the effort.

So there you have it. A few pointers on selecting the right Bhutan tour operator for your upcoming Bhutan vacation. Use these parameters and bench marks to check us out too and be sure to tell me how we have faired in the litmus test.



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