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Coconut Shell Handbags – Is Getting Noticed Really That Important?

As a man, my handbag is simple. Black leather, plain shoulder strap, a few sections on the inside, and if any guy, even a tough guy mentions that I’m some type of limp wrist man, I can look him square in the face and say, “My handbag is functional, masculine, and practical.” As a man, I know what I can get away with to not get beat up by a redneck. Women never experience this brand of harassment. Why? Because women can be as creative and colorful as possible with the selection of their handbags. In fact, the more original and wild (and expensive) the better.

My friend Judy bought a very unique handbag, last year. A coconut shell handbag. What exactly are coconut shell handbags, you ask? Well, it a rarely seen handbag that looks exactly like a brown coconut shell cut trough the middle. It’s got a handle attached, and it opens up like a purse. Each half of the shell is internally lined with a silky inner cloth and it zips closed, or open. It’s cute and attracts attention (a characteristic men aren’t much interested in when it comes to handbags). These coconut shell handbags get noticed big time – especially when traveling to tropical destinations.

There truly is a huge difference between men and women. Women want to be noticed in different ways than men. For example, most men aren’t to wrapped up about what a woman does for a living (provided she’s not a hooker). On the other hand, most women are very interested in what a man does for a living. Obviously these conditions between men and women are not written in stone. But it is safe to assume that Nature still has a good hold on masculine and feminine traits.

Women generally invest much more time and money with their wardrobe, and it seems that shoes and handbags play a major role in this investment. Once again, my friend Judy owns 63 pair of shoes. She loves her walk-in shoe closet. Oh, Judy also owns 27 handbags. Let’s stop and consider this closet phenomenon as compared to a man’s shoe collection. If a man invited his buddies home and showed them a closet full of shoes, what do you think the response would be from his buddies? Can we agree, not good?

Back to handbags – and this a new area where men finally have some options without worrying about losing all their male friends. The truth is, a man can have a handbag and feel masculine at the same time. A big camping knapsack would be better, for sure. But not every guy is going on a 3-day hike just to walk around in town for food or beer. But if a man was seen carrying a cute coconut shell handbag, he’s pretty much toast – even his wife or girlfriend would not be impressed.

So how far can people go to be noticed (and to have their freedoms) without causing a ruckus and demolishing their relations? Have you ever tried something new and felt the silent look of eyes studying you and judging your behavior?

Can you have your cake and eat it too? Can you walk around with a tiny coconut shell handbag in city streets or must you wait to be in a tropical location where it will be appreciated and not mocked?

Again, my friend Judy has no fear about these matters. She’s 72 and she can get away with anything, including her 63 pair of colorful shoes. The question, in the final analysis is this: What can you get away with? And what do you care? Perhaps you’re not doing anything just to be noticed. Maybe you just love having choices that don’t hurt anyone yet make you feel alive and happy. And perhaps that’s all that really matters, even if it’s a silly coconut shell handbag simply to be different and stand out for no good reason.



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