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Dating Places in Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, has grown out as a cosmopolitan city, thanks to the influx of people coming down from various parts of the country and the globe. The weather condition of Bangalore is really good and it has many places that are worth visiting. The concept of pubs, dining out, shopping at malls has become common and people love indulging in them on weekends.

The percentage of the young crowd is high here and this could be one of the reasons why pubs and discotheques are a hit here. Due to the young crowd, dating in Bangalore is also becoming quite common and a number of youngsters can be seen roaming hand in hand.

Best Places to Date in Bangalore

When it comes to dating in Bangalore, parks are placed at the top of the list. Some of the parks that are frequented by youngsters are Lal Bagh, Wonder La Amusement Park, Freedom Park, Cubbon Park etc. The Amusement Park of Wonder La is quite a new craze in Bangalore, as it has a water park and an amusement park with both dry and water rides. It is located on the road to Mysore and costs Rs 450 for a single individual to go and enjoy in the amusement park.

The Hesaraghatta Lake is situated about 29 kilo meters from the city. This is yet another hot spot for lovers who can enjoy taking a stroll beside the lake and also enjoy with their partners. There are sailing facilities available here. Go slightly further down about 40 kilo meters and you can enjoy the Omthara Kala Kuteera. It is indeed a pleasant drive away from the city’s hustle and bustle and couples can spend quiet time together and enjoy the pastoral beauty and scenic surroundings.

If you don’t mind going further down, then you can visit Muthyala Maduvu, which is located 44 kilo meters from the city and is a popular picnic getaway. Enjoy the rustic surroundings and the waterfall. Shivganga, one of the famous dating places in Bangalore, is also ideal for one day trekking and you get to spend time away from the crowded city. If your partner wishes to go further down, then there is the Halenijagal amongst superb woody valleys and hills.

Enjoy a perfect date with your loved one around the cool Chunchi Falls, which is located at a distance of 85 kilo meters from the main city. The place is pebble strewn, so one needs to be careful. Check out the Chamrajsagar reservoir which is a drive of 35 kilo meters and it is the ideal place to rejuvenate far away from the maddening city crowd. On airport road is located Devanahalli. Here, you can enjoy a day’s trip visiting the beautiful and rich architecture of the temples. When it comes to dating in Bangalore, Nandi hills is yet another hot spot and you get to visit beautiful Chola style temples and you would surely cherish the picturesque beauty. Couples who are interested in fishing can check out for the Kanva Reservoir and you would find that it to be an interesting place worth visiting.

Mekedatu is around one hundred kilo meters from the city and is quite a hot spot for dating couples. Other places for dating in Bangalore include malls like Garuda Mall, Sigma mall, Lido Mall, Mantri Mall and so on, where couples can have a wonderful time hand in hand. Coffee houses and pubs too are ideal places to date in Bangalore. Coffee World and Barista are places worth visiting for dating. Enjoy good food and drinks at pubs with your partner.



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