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Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

does protein powder go bad

Does Protein Powder Go Bad?

What is protein powder?

Protein powder is a dietary supplement which means that it is an alternative source of protein nutrient to traditional foods. They are made by grinding isolated proteins from major sources of proteins.

The most commonly used are whey, egg whites, soy, peas, brown rice and high grade wheat.

Their main application is in bodybuilding. This is because protein is the best nutrient for muscle formation and repair.

They are also prescribed by health professionals for patients with protein deficiency or muscle related problems.

There are many brands of protein powders and the choice depends on the user’s preferences. Some are flavored while others are not.

Can protein powder go bad?

Protein powder can definitely go bad. This is an unavoidable fate for anything that contains organic ingredients.

Usually protein powders have a lifespan of one to two years from manufacture. Legit brands include details of manufacture and expiry dates on the product packages. One should ensure that they check these dates before purchase and use.

In the event that you lost the package or the expiry date is invisible due to wear and tear on the package, this is how you can tell if the protein powder has gone bad:


When protein powder expires, the appearance depends on the ingredients used. Some change color from the common white to greenish or blue hues.

If the powder was contaminated with moisture, it may form lumps. Moisture and the organic nutrient rich environment are perfect for fungi. This is another indication that it has gone bad.


This is usually the easiest way to tell whether or not something has gone bad. If your protein powder has a strange odor, it is a strong indication that it has expired. The strange smell is from the protein sources such as eggs and milk that smell horrible when they go bad.


This applies to some, not all, protein powders. Upon expiry, their solubility in water reduces. They instead form lump suspensions. If this happens it indicates either expiration or contamination.


This is also another indicator but it’s applicable to all powders. If your protein powder has a grainy or lumpy feel, it has most likely gone bad.


This is probably not the best way to check. But it applies when you are not sure whether your protein powder is expired or just contaminated by moisture. If the powder has a strange taste that is not like the normal one, it is most likely spoilt.

What do you do with bad protein powder?

Protein powder that has expired is not safe for consumption. It could result in food poisoning and depending on the ingredients could have really bad health consequences.

If you are certain that your protein powder has gone bad, make sure that you dispose of it properly.

How do you prevent protein powder from going bad early?

To prevent protein powder from going bad before expiry, ensure that you store it in a cool and dry place. This ensures that it isn’t contaminated by moisture or dirt. Also make sure that the package lid is shut tight when not in use.



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