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Dog Training – 8 Correction Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Just like no dog is perfect, neither are pet owners. A lot of dog behavior problems go right back to poor dog owner training. Here are some of the most common mistakes dog owners make that lead to bad dog behavior:

1. Inconsistent training. Just like with your typical human two-year-old, you’ve must be consistent when training your dog. Letting Max get away with bad behavior even some of the time will lead to problems down the road.

2. Reinforcing bad behavior. A classic poorly trained dog owner behavior. Even the best of us don’t realize when we’ve done it. Here’s the classic example: Buttons scratches the door to be let in. You just painted the door and don’t want Buttons ruining the new paint, so you let him in immediately. Guess what Buttons just learned? If he scratches the door, you’ll let him in immediately! Don’t let your dog outsmart you! You may just have to put up with a few scratch marks on the door until Buttons gets the message. Never let your dog in the house when he scratches on the door or barks.

3. Using the dog’s name when correcting him. It’s important not to make “no” sound like a part of your puppy’s name: Buster No! Just say the word, in a low, growling voice. Don’t use “no” when your dog isn’t doing the unwanted behavior but is considering it. Try “don’t,” again, using a low, growling, and firm voice.

4. Leaving the dog alone too much. The pounds are full of young dogs that somebody wanted when they were puppies, but because the owners worked 12-hour days every day, the dog now has behavior problems. Spend time with your dog every day.

5. Crating a dog too long. Not only is this bad for your dog’s behavior, keeping him in a crate for hours and hours day after day can affect his growth and his muscle tone.

6. Chaining a dog. If you don’t have a secure fence, then keep your dog in the house crated. Chaining a dog is dangerous and cruel.

7. Yelling. Your dog will not respond to yelling. Everyone loses their temper from time to time, but constantly yelling at your dog loses its effect quickly – just like it does on your spouse or your children.

8. Hitting. Swatting your dog with newspaper or hitting him just teaches him that aggression gets the leader of the pack what he wants. Don’t hit your dog. It sets a bad example.

Some dogs, especially some toy breeds or hounds, may still have trouble. This is especially true of small dogs. Remember, you are training your pet to not leave waste in his den, and to a small dog your home may be too big to seem den-like.

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Author: ‘Dog Owners Boot Camp’

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