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Exploring the Area of Western Tanzania

There are in fact a few national parks that offer a magnificent safari experiences who travel to Tanzania, especially those who are fond of the chimpanzees. These include Gombe Stream National Park and the Mahale Mountains National Park. These national parks give the guests the chance to closely view buffaloes, Zebras, lions, and much more.

The Gombe Stream National Park, situated around 10 kilometers away from Kigoma, the main city of the region, is considered the smallest natural park in the nation. However, it is quite remarkable for travelers who tour Tanzania especially for those who love monkeys.

The park hosts a large collection of various monkeys and chimpanzees including olive baboons, red colobus, red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, and vervet monkeys. The park is also a nice place for tourists spending their vacations in Tanzania to experience the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

On the other hand, the Mahale Mountains National Park is famous for accommodating various types of Chimpanzees. The park has the largest number of different types of these funny animals perhaps in the whole world.

The park is also among the one of the best rated place around the globe where chimpanzees and lions live together and closely. This is the main reason why several tourists who travel to Tanzania would pay the park a visit to explore these wonderful moments of the animals in their natural environment.

For adventures’ lovers, they can go explore Ujiji, one of the historical commercial transit points of caravans in the country. Although it turned into a small fishing town nowadays, still vacationers who spend their holidays in Tanzania are still encouraged to visit due to the presence of some historical buildings and establishments.

One of the interesting cities of Western Tanzania is Kigoma. Famous for its views of the Congo Mountainsat a distance, Kigoma is a small lakeshore city that is considered the most important Tanzanian port on Lake Tanganyika. Some tourists who enjoy their vacations in Tanzania would be the city a visit for a number of attractions and sites. This is besides that Kigoma would be the best starting point to visit the natural parks of the region.

Among the interesting places to explore in Kigoma is surely its wonderful market that is full of various goods and communities. Another wonderful place for travelers who tour Tanzania to relax and have a quality time is the Jakobsen Beach. Located only 2 kilometers to the north of the center of the town, it mainly consists of two amazing beaches.

For those travelers spending a vacation in Tanzania who are fond of history and old architecture, there are two buildings that date back to the German period. There is the famous train station building and the Old Boma Building that is located at the end of a street that holds the same name.

Nevertheless, the most interesting place to visit for history fans that tour Tanzania is in fact the Livingstone Tembe. This historical Arabic house style is located about 6 kilometers to the North East of the town. This house was built in 1872 as a residence that is now transformed into a small yet remarkable museum would make a wonderful half-day trip.



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