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Girona – Spain's Most Well Kept Secret

The province of Girona which is an area rich in history and charm, is situated between Barcelona and the Pyrenees Mountains which divides Spain and France. This beautiful province stretches from the interior farmlands all the way to the Mediterranean sea. This region sees relatively few foreign travelers apart from Costa Brava on the coast.

Girona is one of Spain's oldest villages and only lately has it been receiving the attention it really deserves. In the old quarter known as Casco Viejo you will find the ancient, yet beautiful Jewish district called El Call. This district is one of Spain's most well preserved ancient villages. Costa Brava on the other hand meaning the Untamed Coast, is only a few minutes away and stretches for miles with numerous small beaches and rocky coves. The magnificent turquoise water of the Mediterranean and white washed fishing villages will make you stare in awe as you try to absorb all of this region's natural beauty.

A little further inland you will find L'Emporda filled with plains of magnificent rolling green hills and scattered with medieval villages filled with old stone houses and small churches. Many of these homes are owned as holiday retreats by several Spanish residents.

Girona's climate is enjoyable year round making it a fantastic spot to visit just about anytime. However, the winters can be a bit chilly and during mid winter, many shops and hotels in the Emporda region closes up. During the peak summer months which stretches from July to August, many Europeans, especially those from Northern Europe, flock to Costa Brava to soak up the sun. This is also the time when you will find hotel prices being the highest and you will need to book well in advance to ensure placement.

Being one of Spain's most well kept secrets with its natural beauty and historic cities, Girona never fails to surprise even the most experienced of travelers. Situated only 50 miles away from Barcelona, ​​many have often wondered why they have never heard of this Spanish jewel before. Girona is perched high up on a hill, offering spectacular views of the underlying countryside and at night time when the streets have emptied out of tourists and shoppers alike, the quiet streets radiate a seductive medieval atmosphere. The province of Girona is diverse as it is beautiful, providing any travelers with ample things to do, see and experience.



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