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Have the Most Memorable Holiday in Finland

Finland is one of the best places where you can enjoy your holidays. Finland is a beautiful country which is situated in the northern Europe. The country has a large number of islands and lakes. The entire landscapes are enclosed with pine and taiga trees. The language spoken here is Swedish. The natives of Finland are known as Sami.

Major attractions of Finland

Finland is a beautiful place with numerous places of attraction. Some of the places are given below

1. Lake Saimma

This marvelous lake is located in the southern area of Finland. It is the largest among all the lakes in Finland. Saimma is considered as the lake of fresh water which connects about 120 lakes and drains about 55 into the saimma canal.

2. Turku

It is one of the oldest towns in Finland. Town has magnificent collection of museums and a church. During Christmas time the place is decorated with ribbons and bells. The entire environment is filled with music and colors. This is the reason that it is called the Christmas city.

3. Arktikum Science Museum

This science museum gives the glimpse of the culture of this awesome place. The museum gives the brief description of the life styles and traditions of the arctic region. The museum contains Museum of Lapland and Arctic center. This museum is the excellent example of the culture and life style of the people here.

4. The Kings Road

This road is the main route connecting the important places of Finland. You may find various eye catching sites through out your journey.

5. The Aland Islands

These islands are located on the coast of Finland. It is the most attractive place in Finland. These Islands are the beautiful creation of the nature and are the major attraction of the tourists.

Best Time To Visit

The climate here is very nice and one can visit here through out the year but the best time to visit Finland is in the month of May – June.

Hotels In Finland

There are various hotels in Finland that provides accommodation facilities at cheep rates. Some of the are lisited as under

1. Hotel Kamp

This is a magnificent hotel which provides numerous facilities at cheep rates. The staff here is friendly and treats you in a warm manner.

2. Spa Hotel

This is one of the best hotels in Finland. It provides excellent food and convenient lodging facilities.

This place is full of fun and entertainment and is surely one of the best places to spend your vacations.



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