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Healthy Eating – Is The Mediterranean Diet For You?

A diet plan you may have heard about if you have been doing your research on the many different healthy eating plans out there is the Mediterranean diet. This eating style has received a lot of positive feedback by many people for the numerous advantages it offers. While it is often referred to as a diet, it is more a way of eating.

Let’s quickly take a closer look at what this plan entails and whether or not it is right for you…

1. The Mediterranean Diet: The Foundation. As the name suggests, this particular diet is one based around what the people of the Mediterranean eat. When looking at this group of people as a whole, it would seem they have lower overall disease rates than people in other areas, so it would appear they are doing something right where their health is concerned.

The diet itself promotes the inclusion of plenty of fruits and vegetables, along with a lot of fish and whole grains. Olive oil, beans, nuts, legumes, and seeds are also encouraged, and these foods should make up the bulk of the plan.

Above that, poultry, cheese, eggs, and yogurt should be eaten in moderation and meats and sweets only consumed on an occasional basis.

This diet could be said to be similar to the vegetarian approach with the inclusion of fish and seafood and just a small dose of other animal related products.

2. The Mediterranean Diet: The Benefits. So what benefits do you stand to gain from eating in this manner? Some of the main advantages include…

  • a reduced risk of heart disease,
  • lower blood pressure levels,
  • an improved cholesterol profile,
  • a healthier body weight,
  • steadier energy levels, and
  • a lower risk factor for developing cancer.

As you can see, if health is a top priority for you, this style of eating will deliver.

3. The Mediterranean Diet: Is It For You? So is this approach for you? What is the final verdict on this diet? This eating plan is a great option if you are someone who can avoid eating meat and other animal-based foods.

If, however, you love your steak and ham, chances are you will not fare very well. If you are someone who loves fruits and vegetables, however, and naturally feels better eating a higher carb diet – but making sure those carbs are coming from healthy sources – then you should see excellent results by giving this eating plan a try.



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