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Homemade Female Vampire Costume: Make Your Own

If you want to be a vampire this year for Halloween, don’t let the men have all the fun. You can make your own homemade female vampire costume and catch the eye of every blood-sucking creature around. Here are some ideas.

You can either be a sexy vampiresss and show lots of skin, luring in your prey with sex appeal. Or you can be more demure, a lady of the night, subtle yet still seductive. Either way, you will likely have most of what you need already in your closet.

Start with a dress

Black is the obvious choice. You can use something form fitting, or go for a more Victorian or elegant look with a full gown. Velvet is beautiful. Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what type of fabric is used. If you can find something with a laced bodice, that will give it more of a gothic look, especially if you add long black lace gloves.

If you want to add that medieval flair, you’ll want a full skirt and a clinging upper body. Get something with long sleeves that are snug to your arm. You can add hanging sleeve ends by ripping out the seam of each forearm, up to the elbow crease. Then let those pieces hang down.

What about shoes?

Black high heels, of course. The sexier, the better.

Consider a cape

You can purchase capes already made, or make your own, or just add a collar to the top of your dress. If you make a cape, you can either sew cardboard into fabric, to keep the collar standing up stiffly.

Alternately, you can cut the existing collar from a black dress shirt from the thrift store. Cut it off from the rest of the shirt, leaving enough fabric below the stitching on the collar to attach to plain black fabric (a sheet works great) by sewing. Add a ribbon to tie around your neck, and you’re set.

Must have fangs

These you might want to purchase from a novelty or specialty costume retailer, or your local drug store. I have also made my own by cutting a teeth-like shape from a piece of plastic container lid. Then I stuck them between my front teeth and upper lip. It worked all right.

There you have it. With a few simple pieces, you can make your own female vampire Halloween costume without too much trouble at all. You’ll have more trouble keeping the counts at bay. Have a good eve-a-ning!



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