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How to Attract and Keep a Man? Stimulate His Mind & Senses in a Way Which Would Make Him Like You

There are no hard and cut rules about dating. All it takes is a little bit of know-how to get the man of your dreams: Here are seven tips on how to attract any men and hold him down the way he wants to be held down:

Get beautiful… and we don’t mean going for a full body cosmetic reconstruction.

Guys use their eyes before anything else. They are visually stimulated before they can be attracted. Unfortunately, a lot of women think that because men are so, they (women) need to be perfect in the eyes of men. Beauty is all about self-image.

How do you see yourself? If you think you’re downright ugly, then people will think so too. But if you know you’re beautiful, and are proud of your features, it won’t be long before people actually start complimenting you on them. Attract a guy by looking healthy, and keep him by taking care of yourself.

Make tears roll down his eyes…from laughing so hard.

Humor tells a man you’re childlike and are easily pleased with simple things. You take life positively. And when you laugh, people just want to laugh with you because it’s so infectious and it makes everyone feel good about them self. Attract a guy by making him laugh, and keep him by always introducing humor in your relationship, no matter what mood he’s in.

Guys love young girls…young at heart, we mean.

We’re not talking about a case of pedophilia, obviously. Free-spirited girls, who don’t care much about the troubles of the world as well as their own, attract more guys because of their playful, positive nature.

Guys can smell a woman who is full of drama from what life has given her. They don’t want this drama, and that’s why guys stay away from these women. However, a woman who is much like a kid at the playground is adorable and carefree, and her positive attitude is infectious. Attract him by warmth and freshness, and keep him by always feeling like you’re 18 instead of 35.

Be street smart…it’s sexy.

So you know your books and you were a straight-A student all your life. Plus, you know the ins and outs of life too, and you aren’t easily swayed because you stand your ground and go for what you want, settling for nothing less. This is what attracts men: confidence and a smart outlook in life. Attract him by being responsive and witty, and keep him by using your smart brain to get creative.

Let your body do the talking…that’s why it’s called body language.

Be in a posture which tells a man you are interested in listening to him. Leaning forward works all the time. However, that arch in your lower back tells him you are also alert and confident. Facial expressions are so crucial as well. If you want to drive a man away, all you have to do is give him a cold stare and pursed lips. Attract a man with a warm smile, and keep him by never crossing your arms over your chest no matter how angry you are. (It shows defiance, denial and rejection.)

Express emotions…but know how to do it right.

Emotions, whether good or bad, must be expressed positively. A woman is naturally emotional, so she may rip out her book of intense drama whenever she feels a huge wave of emotion. Unfortunately, this wave drowns a man and leaves him suffocated. Express emotions without projecting an image of weakness. Do your best to be objective and allow an open discussion for everything. Attract a man with positive emotions, and keep him by maintaining it.

Want him…but do not need him.

Confusing? A guy can smell a girl who has every tendency to become overly dependent and will steer clear immediately. A guy needs to feel he’s wanted. That’s where overly confident “i-don’t-need-a-man” girls go wrong. But, a guy also can’t stand being needed all the time. It’s like dating a girl to babysit her. Attract a guy with your independence, and keep him by making him feel wanted.



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