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How to Conceive a Boy – Natural Ways & Methods to Have a Son

If you’ve found this article, chances are you want the color blue in your future for whatever reason. There are many reasons couples want to have a baby boy. Whether it’s carrying on the family name, balancing your children’s gender, or having someone to teach sports to, there is nothing wrong stacking the odds in your favor to get one.

Natural Gender Selection For A Boy: There are a couple ways for couple to have a boy baby. One involves a gender clinic, sperm or embryo sorting, and implanting the fertilized egg. I won’t discuss this method as I did not personally experience it due to its expense (thousands). Instead, I will be discussing inexpensive and natural ways that you can conceive a son.

In order to get a little boy, you really need three things, which I’ll discuss momentarily. First though, here’s a brief primer on Y (boy) sperm. Briefly, a man’s sperm will carry chromosomes from both sexes: Y (boy) and X (girl). If Y sperm fertilizes the egg, it will result in a boy baby. However, the catch is that although the Y (boy) sperm are faster swimmers, they are the least hardy. To take advantage of this, you’ll need three things.

1. Optimal Timing: Since the Y sperm can not survive very long, you’ll need to conceive very close to the time the egg is available for fertilization (preferable the day of ovulation). The reason for this is that the Y sperm will typically not be able to wait for the egg very long before they begin to die off. The girl sperm are much hardier, so if you try to conceive well before you ovulate, this stacks the odds in favor of a girl. As you can see, the timing for a son requires a great amount of precision. If you are off here, the Y sperm will have to wait and will likely die off. I highly recommend using saliva to predict ovulation as in my opinion it is the most accurate method.

2. The “Boy Zone” PH: Timing is only one piece of the puzzle. Your vaginal PH plays a huge role in which sperm’s gender reaches the egg first. Simply put, a highly acidic PH greatly favors girls because they are able to survive this hostile environment. To conceive a boy, you’ll need to neutralize these acidic surroundings and create a more alkaline PH. It’s very helpful to test with PH strips prior to trying to conceive so that you know exactly where you fall. How can you change your PH? By douching with specific recipes depending on your results. (Baking soda and water is not enough for most people. Gender clinics typically charge hundreds of dollars for these solutions, but there are recipes that allow you can make them yourself.) Or, if you are opposed to douching, you can consume and avoid certain foods before trying to conceive.

3. Positioning: Intercourse positions get the most attention in natural gender selection, but again this is only one piece of the puzzle. To conceive a boy baby, it’s necessary to deposit sperm as close to the cervix as possible. This gives the fast, but less hardy boy sperm less distance to travel and ensures that their speed will allow them to beat out the girl sperm.



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