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How to Impress Him to Marry You? Strategic Ways to Get Him to Walk Down the Aisle With You

When you have been in a relationship for long you obviously expect the guy to ask you to marry him. But if your man hasn’t been making the move then you need to give him the nudge in the right direction. Here are the things that you need to do when you want to impress your man to marry you.

Show him that his search ends with you

Men are always waiting for the perfect woman. They feel that their search has not ended until they find ‘the one’ for themselves. All you need to do is learn what his expectations from his dream woman are and show him that you are all that and more.

Be nice to his family and friends

Your man needs to see that you fit nicely into his life. Getting along well with his family and friends plays a very crucial role in making your man feel that you are the right woman for him. Also friends and family can give the additional nudge to make your man see how perfect you are for him.

Give him your complete support

Show your man how supportive you are of him. When your man sees that he can depend on you for support and that you are going to be there for him, he begins to need you more in his life. This ultimately makes him see that he cannot do without you as you are his support system and hence then wants to marry you.

Resolve his fear of marriage

Some men have an unfounded fear of marriage. The thought of a ‘happily ever after’ doesn’t agree with the social conditioning that they receive. They feel that their life is going to be over once they get married. It is up to you to show your man that none of this holds true and that marriage is actually a good thing.

Let him have his own space and time

Let your man see the accommodating and understanding side of you by letting him have his ‘me’ time. The more free you let him feel, the more right he will feel about you. Ultimately this will compel him to get impressed by you and marry you.

Make him see how much fun life is when you are together

Give your man the larger picture. Make him see how good life is when you are together. Go away for a few days and see the change when you come back.

Don’t put any kind of pressure on him

Keep off the pressure button when you want him to marry you. The woman who doesn’t nag her man about marriage is the one who manages to impress him into marrying her.



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