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How to Increase Penis Size Through Natural Exercise (100% Drug Free)

What is the absolute easiest way to make my erection longer? Does penis stretching really work? If so… how so? What do the actual exercises look and feel like? Are they difficult? Painful? Hard to begin?

Any of these questions sound familiar? If you are anything like the vast majority of our readers, the truth is, you are curious about male enhancement exercises, but simply don’t know enough about them to decide if they are worth trying.

With that in mind, this article was written for you! If you are self conscious about your size, and would like a simple, step by step overview of what a typical male enhancement exercise regimen looks like, continue reading as we take a closer look immediately below. As a matter of fact, let’s talk about the absolute best way to add length and strength to your manhood… WITHOUT pills, pumps, pulleys or other nonsense. Curious to know more? Let’s dive into the details below.

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Most of you already have heard about the jelq. It’s similar to the below, with only minor differences.

So let’s take a look at a stretching technique that combines proven jelqing techniques with a little bit of extra tension and torque. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Step 1.

You’ll be starting with the warm up phase. Most of you know this involves a little bit of heat. A warm compress will do. It should also include a moisturizer, or something to keep your skin from chafing as we go.

Step 2.

You are going to want to pull back the foreskin, and with a firm grip, hold your anatomy right behind the glans. It’s important to maintain the right amount of pressure. The right amount of pressure is what feels most comfortable for you, while still allowing for obvious “tension” and “stress”. If you aren’t stressing the tissue, you aren’t really stretching it. So here lies a fine line between just enough discomfort, while being comfortable enough to continue.

Step 3.

You obviously don’t want to be excited or aroused for this exercise. However, some degree of stiffness in the penis is helpful for maximizing results. Some men say in the neighborhood of 25% blood flow is an optimal state to being.

Step 4.

You are going to start your stretching with your penis pointing straight down. Do 5 repetitions of this technique. Again, you are focused on that fine line between stretching the tissue to the point of feeling it, while still maintaining a comfortable grip. The best grip for this exercise is the “OK” hand position, that men who know the jelq are familiar with.

Remember to take a short, 3-5 second break between each stretch.

Step 5.

Now you are going to repeat the motion you began in step 4, only this time you are going to pull to the right. Repeat all the same safety precautions and comfort level to optimize and improve each repetition. You’ll notice that you will get more comfortable with each series of repetitions.

Step 6.

Repeat the same stretch, only this time pull to the left. Same technique, and same level of stress and stretch applied

Step 7.

Once you’ve completed 1 single round of this exercise, paying close attention to each individual move, you”ll repeat the same 15 stretches above, for 2 more complete sets. As a rule of thumb, the entire sequence should take 5-7 minutes. You’ll warm down, the very same way you warmed up as well.

A warm compress, a little bit of lubrication, and some deep belly breaths as you finish up.

In conclusion? This is a great way of starting a highly effective penis enlargement campaign from home, and you should see excellent results in 30 days or less, I promise!



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