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How to Increase Your Penis Girth? The "Surefire" Exercise to Increase Penis Girth Naturally!

I am pretty sure you already know that penis girth enlargement is possible. Some of you may be asking yourself something like this: Why would a person with an average (or below average) girth in the penis want to increase that further? That is a good question to ask!

Well the first reason why men want to increase their penis girth is to provide more sexual pleasure and satisfaction to their partners. I am sure you already aware of this, I just want to say it anyways:

In this write up you will discover how to increase your penis girth. You see, most guys are satisfied with their length; it is their girth they are mostly concerned about. If this is how you feel, here is a step-by-step method for increasing penis girth.

When it comes to providing sexual pleasure and giving satisfaction to your wife or girlfriend, penis length is not the only thing that will make your partner happy. It takes both the length and girth to accomplish that!

You can learn how to increase penis girth naturally even if you have no clue on how to do it. The issue is that with all of the tips and tricks about how to increase your penis size, you can easily get confused. Then you find yourself asking, how can I get pass all the hype to find which one really works.

So if you are looking for a safe, natural and proven exercise to increase penis girth then it is time to stop searching. I suggest you just read this article to the end and if possible do what I actually did.

Flaccid Bend Exercise: Flaccid Bend is one method to increase your penis girth. The Flaccid Bend exercise is considered one of the primary penis girth exercises.

It is an intermediate level of exercise, however, for most it will be the first squeezing exercise they do. The purpose of this penis exercise is to make your penis thicker and it is considerably the backbone exercise. Your erection level should be 50-60%.

Step by step to do Flaccid Bend

It requires your two hands

1. Hand 1: Grip the penis below the glans as if you are going to stretch.

2. Hand 2: Place two to four fingers underneath the penis.

3. Bend the penis over the fingers.

4. Hold the bend for 20-30 seconds

These should be done in reps of 4,1 rep for each direction (up, down, left, right). Which is why most workers have the rep count as a multiple of 4 (4, 8, 12, 16, 20… ). With each directional change, place your second hand to assist with the stretch/bend.

Clamping is another way to get your penis girth increased. The Clamping workout uses a clamp device to restrict blood from flowing out of the penis while still allowing a limited blood flow into the penis. This allows for an extraordinary amount of pressure built up which expands the tissues in the penis beyond its normal erection state. By expanding the penis tissues multiple times, the expansion eventually becomes permanent.

Please be warned that this is a very advanced girth exercise and should not be tried until having at least 6 months of penis exercising experience. Clamps are generally safe when caution, awareness, and good judgment are used. If you start to notice any negative signs, stop the exercise without delay.

In case your penis girth is somewhere around average (average male penis girth is approximately 5 inches or 12.5 centimeters), you could easily enlarge it.

So that is a simple as it gets. You have just learned how to increase your penis girth to add to your width.The risk free method to go about all these is by using natural enlargement method like the one offered by penis advantage program.



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