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How to Kiss a Girl? Mind-Blowing Tactics to Make Her Want More

Kissing a girl is one of the most sought-after fantasies of every guy alive — intimacy can get anyone high. Now, it’s true that men can get pretty nervous to actually initiate intimacy with women — kissing a girl will take lots of guts. Before you launch yourself into a heart attack, you have to remember that you’re so much luckier to be a guy. Can you imagine a girl wanting to be kissed but can’t do the first move? Well, without further ado, here are the three steps on how to kiss a girl:

  • Ask her. Of course, there are moments when it’s so perfect you don’t have to ask. But most girls would prefer you do so — it might freak her out if you suddenly make a grab at her and start devouring her mouth like crazy. And please, don’t rush. Enjoy the moment and get creative. There are a number of good and better kissing techniques out there that you might want to try.
  • Take it slow. Kissing is a very pleasurable activity and there’s no excuse for you to start attacking her tongue with yours like a hungry beast. Girls want to be kissed slowly but passionately and you can start making it more intense when she starts moaning and groaning with pleasure. Savor the moment and take it easy.
  • Be the first to pull away.Now, here’s a great technique most great kissers use — when the kiss starts to become more and more passionate, pull away. Your girl will definitely reach out for you even more! This is a nice way for you to tease her and make her groan with pleasure — and holding on to you all night long.

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