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How to Make a Woman Love You Forever – With 3 Super Seduction Addiction Techniques

If you are reading this, I’ll bet that you’re the sort of man who’s having trouble getting the girl of your dreams to stay interested in you. It’s not that you’re doing anything wrong or that you’re somehow deficient, though; in some way, she quite simply just wasn’t interested.

You’ve seen other guys succeed where you failed, using the same techniques, but there just seems to be something lacking with your technique or maybe you simply haven’t read the right skill set to match you inner talent. Take, for example, the approach where you may have no trouble at all getting close to the girl and opening up the conversation, but you might fall short when it comes to sealing the deal. Read on for some helpful hints…

How to Make A Woman Love You Forever – With 3 Super Seduction Addiction Techniques

Technique #1: Attachments are the enemy. The biggest problem men face today is that they rely on women’s approval far too much. This dependency upon girls is one of the first things you need to adjust within yourself, the reason being that girls, far from finding neediness attractive, find it annoying. However, once you stop caring whether the girl approves of you or not, her interest in you will rise accordingly as she perceives you as being unreachable and a prize worth fighting for.

The best way to show that you no longer depend on female approval is by seeing a variety of girls at the same time. This has the added benefit of showing you where your options lie and by acting as a major confidence booster for you, resulting in your being able to interact with girls on a more level playing field. The aim of this step is to get you to realize that there is very little difference in the way girls and guys approach relationships.

(Advanced) Technique #2: Try Out Hypnosis. Before explaining this technique, I must first issue a warning. Hypnosis is an advanced technique that will get you any girl within 15 minutes. However, the morality behind it is questionable. In addition, one of its negative side effects is the total dependence of the person you used the technique on upon yourself at an emotional level.

Hypnosis works by anchoring different emotions within verbal or physical cues, which effectively means that her emotions will be under your control. The end result is that her emotional experiences with you far outstrip the time she has spent with you. To compensate for this, her brain tells her that she has actually spent more time with you that she has, which makes her open up to you faster.

The reason for its rise in popularity amongst the underground seduction community is because someone using it needs little to no knowledge of psychology or hypnosis themselves. It literally is a technique that you can start using right away and get instant results.



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