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How To Propose To A Filipina

It would be indeed wise to learn how to propose to a Filipina first before actually doing it. Although generally Filipino women are known to be conservative, they can also be rather mysterious. It’s really hard to tell what goes on in the mind of a Filipina, even if you claim to have known one for years. So if you want her to say “yes” to your proposal, make sure you play your cards right.

1. Make sure you have what you need. There are only a couple of things to bring along when you propose – yourself and the ring.

2. Time it well. Timing is very important. Make sure your girlfriend is relaxed and in a happy mood. If she is working, don’t do it during weekdays as these are stressful times for her. You may want to make your proposal at night time, where the air is cooler and the atmosphere, quieter.

3. Don’t propose out of the blue; else she would think it is just an impulsive decision, and you aren’t really too serious about it.

4. Take her to dinner. A romantic dinner is like an appetizer – it sets the mood. Make reservations at your favorite restaurant and order the best food and wine it can offer (if you can afford it, that is).

5. Take her somewhere quiet and special, away from the prying eyes of the public. You don’t want too many distractions if you want to capture her heart.

6. How you pop the question is all up to you but say the words like you mean it. Modern Filipino women don’t like cheesy lines or anything that sounds like it’s borrowed from an old movie. You don’t have to drop on your knees, either, or be very elaborate. You can be creative, without going overboard.

Will your Filipina girlfriend say yes? She may but there is a likelihood she may need more time to think about it. Don’t let this get you down. It does not mean that she does not want to marry you at all. She probably wants to be very sure of her feelings, and she wants you to be sure of yours, too. Keep in mind that you in the event that you will marry, you will be marrying her entire family as well. Filipinos are very close to their families. You cannot accept one into your heart without accepting her loved ones, too.

Filipinos take marriage very seriously. Most Filipino couples live together for the rest of their lives and your girlfriend wants her marriage to last a lifetime as well. Don’t think about all the trouble you’ve gone through to propose to her. You’ll still be able to win her heart if you are patient and show you deserve her love.

So even though you take these tips on how to propose to a Filipina to heart, there still are no guarantees that you will get what you wish for but remember, it does not mean the of your relationship.



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