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Important Points You Should Not Miss During Bichon Frise Litter Box Training

If you wish to stay in a clean house and to see your Bichon Frise happy at the same time, you must not delay adopting the Bichon Frise litter box training program for your puppy. Bichon Frise puppies have the tendency to relieve themselves within ten to twelve minutes following their meals, just after waking from nap and after drinking water. They may have to go even after an exercise session. If you would like to keep your house free messes and odors effective Bichon Frise training is the way to go.

Bichon Frise litter box training offers help to every owner despite his or her social or financial status. People living in small apartments, the handicapped or the elderly, in fact everyone can reap benefits from Bichon Frise training. Not only the trainer, but the training program aids the dog in understanding the perfect location for elimination. Since they are so intelligent, they don’t feel comfortable without a specific place to go.

The perfect time for carrying out Bichon Frise litter box training is the puppy age of the Bichon Frise. Purchase a box together with some litter and cleaning materials. The largest sized unit typically used for the cats is best. It is superior because it facilitates sufficient room to craft it as necessary, such as removal of the top to give the dog enough space to feel comfortable. If you catch your Bichon Frise going somewhere other than designated area, correct the dog without delay. The dog is very intelligent and able to decode the verbal cues.

Litter removal is probably the most non-pleasurable task that you must perform as an integral component of Bichon Frise training program. But, it is not a very tricky job. While cleaning the litter, simply empty the soiled litter into a trash bag, clean and dry the litter box and then refill it using fresh litter.

Praising your Bichon Frise for going in the designated place, the litter box, is significantly vital for ensuring the success of the Bichon Frise toilet training.

You must be very consistent in your behavior while dealing with your dog during the training, or else it may make the dog confused and frustrated. This will certainly elongate the training schedule more than necessary. Discouragement is a must if you find the dog going anywhere outside the designated litter box. You must not forget to encourage the dog to use the box in every possible way. Keep the litter box in the same location everyday.

You should command with a placid and confident tone. It will make them motivated and they will do their best to make you happy. Generally, the training may last for eight to ten months. At the end of the Bichon Frise litter box training, the dog will recognize its designated spot to go and use the same without any external guidance.



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