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Introducing Your Dog to His New Designer Dog Bed

When it comes to choosing a small dog bed for your petite pooch, the easy part is choosing but the hard part is introducing your buddy to his new bed and making sure he likes it enough to use it. While dogs are not usually picky, training your dog to use his new bed instead of your couch can take some patience.

When your designer dog bed arrives, let your dog get a good look at it. Give him time to examine the bed, sniff it, check it out and decide that he wants to try it out. One way you can help the bed seem more familiar is by touching it to put your comforting scent on it. If your dog has toys or a favorite blanket, put them in the bed to help him see that the new item is meant to be his own special place.

Most dogs will be interested in the bed very quickly but if your dog does not take to the new bed immediately, continue to bring him back to it. Pick him up and place him in the bed if you need to. When he goes to lay down elsewhere, direct him back to the bed. If he has a favorite spot on the floor or in a specific room, place the bed as near that spot as possible.

The more your dog uses the bed and gets his own scent on it the more comforting it will become to him. Eventually, he will see it as his own space and will claim it.

Keeping the bed clean can be as simple as running a sticky lint roller over it a few times a week to remove loose pet hair. If you do not have a lint roller, a length of duct tape wrapped around your hand will do the trick just as effectively.

If the bed becomes really dirty or begins to smell bad, throwing it into the washing machine is a simple matter. Be sure to follow the instructions provided on the bed's tag to ensure proper care for the bed. Correct laundering can keep the dog bed in good condition for long-term use and enjoyment by your dog. Be sure to remember that scent is an integral part of a dog's life so if you are laundering the dog bed, do not overdue the scented soaps and fabric softeners.

Another method for freshening up your dog bed is to put it outside or hang it on a clothesline for some fresh air. This should not eliminate your dog's unique scent from the bed but it will freshen it up.

Introducing your dog to his new dog bed is not difficult and you can rest assured your dog will fall in love with the bed and enjoy his time in it.



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