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Malt-o-Meal Chocolate Pudding The Real Thing

I love chocolate of any kind. I prefer home made pudding because it contains no chemicals. The stuff you buy at the supermarket is full of things that are not good. That of course is my opinion and I am sticking to it. I avoid anything in a box that can be shaken up with milk and called pudding. The cook and serve stuff is a little better but it is still full of artificial junk.

When I make chocolate pudding I make it the same way my great grandmother did. She used real ingredients and put a lot of love into it. People ate a lot healthier years ago. There are too many instant things in the stores today and a lot of us are too lazy to take the time to actually cook something healthy from scratch.

To make this pudding I put 2-cups of milk in a double boiler and 1/4-cup of old-fashioned malt-o-meal cereal. I cook it for 15-minutes. I do not use the instant cereal. While that is cooking I melt 1-square of baking chocolate. Next I separate 1-egg. After the cereal has cooked for 15-minutes I add 1/2-cup of sugar, 1/4-teaspoon of salt and the melted chocolate. I stir the mixture well before I Add the well-beaten egg yolk. Remember to temper the egg yolk before adding to the cereal. Then I fold in the stiffly-beaten egg white and cook for 2-minutes.

I pour the pudding into individual buttered custard cups and place it in the refrigerator. After it is well chilled I serve this chocolate pudding with real whipped cream. This also works well for chocolate pie filling. I always serve my made from scratch desserts with real whipped cream. Why would anyone use some artificial whipped stuff on something home made and spoil it?



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