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Penis Enlargement – Exercises For Extra Girth and Head Size

When you are looking to add some extra girth to your penis there are a number of exercises that you can do. PC exercises and Jelqs which I have dealt with already are just some of them.

Having a wider penis doesn’t just look good, but it also compliments any extra length that you acquire also. Another exercise that will help you increase the girth of your penis is called the horizontal movement. This is an advanced technique that not only helps you to increase the width of your penis, but it also helps you to control your ejaculation too.

For this exercise your will need plenty of lubricant and you will need to use both hands. Start by slowly masturbating until your penis is semi-erect. When you have this you need to place your thumb and forefinger around the base of your penis and hold tight. After about 10 seconds of holding you should take your other hand and form a ring shape and grip the head of your penis. See more detail at http://www.certified-penis-enlargement.com

With both hands in position the next step is to slowly milk downwards long your penis. You do this using the hand that is gripping the head of your penis whilst maintaining pressure at the base of you penis with the other hand.

When you reach the base of your penis you should start to stroke upwards again until your hands are in their original position. This entire process should take about 2 to 3 seconds. You should be able to feel the blood in your penis being slowly pushed up towards the head.

Do this as many times as you can and include this exercise in your daily workout.

Here’s a brief summary of the horizontal movement just so you are clear.

1. Warm up thoroughly

2. Masturbate until you are semi-erect

3. Lubricate both hands

4. Hold the base of your penis with one hand applying pressure

5. Milk from the head downwards

6. When you reach the base milk upwards to the head all the time applying pressure to the base of the penis

7. Repeat as many times as possible

Exercises To Enlarge The Head Of Your Penis

The next exercise I want to cover is one that will enlarge the head of your penis. Some men are very unhappy with the size of their head so here’s an exercise called needling that can help. It should be used in conjunction with all your other exercises.

The aim of this exercise is to increase the size of the head of your penis when erect. You may notice a slight increase when flaccid too but this will be less significant.

Warm up is not required for this exercise but you will need plenty of lubrication. This exercise is best performed after you have completed your other penis enlargement exercises and performed the cool down regime.

When you are ready, sit down in a relaxing position. Place your left hand around the base of your penis. It should be flaccid at this stage and masturbate until you are erect.

When you have a full erection, place your left hand at the base of your penis using a firm grip. Place your right hand just below the head of your penis and slowly move your left hand up towards it. Do not let go at all when performing this move.

When both hands are together slowing move the left hand back down again. You will need to keep up the pressure throughout this exercise if it is to work. You should do this around 10 to 20 times after each workout.



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