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Positive Affirmations Vs Reverse Affirmations – Understanding the Difference

Surely you’ve heard of positive affirmations. The use of positive affirmations, also called subliminal messages, is now very popular due to its role in personal development and self help. In today’s age, people are now becoming more proactive and want to take control of their lives. And positive affirmations help them achieve this; all they have to do is keep their minds focused on the positive things they want to achieve.

So far, positive affirmations are being used to help people:

  • Gain more confidence
  • Gain more wealth
  • Perform better
  • Attract more opportunities
  • Improve self-image

These are just some of the many possible uses of positive affirmations.

However, there is another concept that you may not be familiar with yet, and this is reverse affirmations. Reverse affirmations is also another way of promoting personal improvement. In fact, proponents say that they are more effective than positive affirmations.

What’s the big difference? The difference is that positive affirmations are addressed to you, while reverse affirmations are addressed to another person. The positive affirmation “I am talented” can be transformed into a reverse affirmation, which will be “You believe I am talented”.

The idea behind the use of reverse affirmations is that sometimes, when the message comes from yourself, it is harder to believe. The brain might not readily accept it and may even reject it entirely because it knows that you can manipulate your own thinking. But when it comes from other people, the brain becomes more receptive because it acknowledges that you do not have any control over what others think. Ultimately, the same positive change will occur.

The use of positive subliminal messages has worked effectively for millions of individuals. The use of reverse affirmations, on the other hand, is still vague in comparison. However, if you find it difficult to use positive subliminal affirmations because you find it hard to believe in your own opinions, then the reversed way may work better for you.

The best way to know whether reverse subliminal messages really do work as a substitute for positive subliminal messages is to try this new personal development technique. Doing so will require a few changes to your efforts in positive affirmations. For one thing, instead of using personal pronouns referring back to you, your reverse affirmations should be addressed to someone else; thus, you have to use the second person pronoun “you” at all times.

As of now, reverse affirmations are just gaining ground. Its most common use so far, however, is in making other people like you or have a better opinion of you. Together with the law of attraction, reverse affirmations effectively allow you to attract people’s good perception of you. This technique is said to be effective in getting others to trust you more easily.

Here’s an important reminder, though: whether you’re using positive or reverse, you should always state the affirmations with as much emotion as you can muster. You must drown yourself in the affirmations for them to fully work and become manifest in your life.



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