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Real Manifestation With the Sedona Method

We have all heard the biblical miracles that are said to have occurred thousands of years ago. However, are you aware that miracles are still occurring today? Do you know of any miracles, large or small? Do you believe in miracles?

Miracles take many forms. Some are huge, like the parting of the sea by Moses. Some are small are go unnoticed because they only affect the receiver. Like people who receive sudden financial windfalls when they are destitute or receive spontaneous healing at the brink of death.

Would you like to start seeing miracles in your own life?

Miracles are really the manifestation of phenomenon in the body or the world that seem unexplainable or even impossible. It is possible to learn how to attract your own miracles.

The Sedona Method is basically a course in miracles. It was designed by the late Lester Levenson at the age of 42 as a way of removing our self-imposed limitations. Lester used the Sedona Method on many occasions to prove the existence of miracles.

It is an axiom of metaphysics, self improvement , personal development and most religions that we have the divine spark of God within us. This means we have access to and control over the unlimited power of the universe. If we are unlimited beings then that means we have no limitations – everything should be possible for us! We should have no limits on the amount of miracles we can demand or the manifestations we can conjure from the ether.

However, in order to be able to effectively attract miracles into your life you must do two things. Firstly you must acknowledge that you, that is to say your ego sense of self, can manifest nothing nor create any miracles. You must acknowledge that it is the divine spark within you that does the work, not you! Your job is merely to decide what it is you want and then let the all powerful universal source, which illuminates your very being, do the work!

This can be the hardest part for most people. We are conditioned into believing that we must work hard and strive continuously in order to reach our goals or any worthwhile objective. There are a multitude of common use sayings that reflect this negative, and erroneous, belief – “no pain , no gain”, “work hard, play hard”, “hard work never killed anyone” etc!

It is possible to create an unlimited number of miracles in your life. It is possible to manifest anything, and everything, you want. However, you first have to realise that it is not you who produces the results but the God-Force within you! This concept is embraced by many teachings and is the cornerstone of the Sedona Method.

The second, and equally important, ingredient for creating miracles lies in your subconscious mind. In fact it is not really an ingredient you must add but one that you must take away!

In order to allow the universal power, that created worlds, to create your desires you must remove your negative thinking about those desires!

This was how Lester Levenson created miracles. He created and then used the Sedona Method as a means for eliminating his own self-imposed negative beliefs about manifestation and miracles. Let me explain.

It is taught in many metaphysical, religious and esoteric traditions that thoughts are what constitute beliefs and that both create reality. Lester also realized this and incorporated it into the Sedona Method. However, it is also taught in the Sedona Method that your negative beliefs are just a collection of thoughts and that these thoughts themselves are driven by negative emotions. When something that we perceive to be negative happens to us we develop thoughts around that occurrence. These thoughts are backed by emotions and so immediately pass to the subconscious mind for storage and retrieval. Many similar thoughts accumulate together to form beliefs, through schemas in the brain that are connected by neural pathways.

The driving force of all beliefs is your feelings or emotions. When Lester found that he could use the Sedona Method to remove his negative feelings he made a startling discovery. By using the Sedona Method to remove these negative emotions he found that his beliefs faded as the thoughts connected to the feelings vanished instantly!

In the same way that the creator of the Sedona Method did, Lester Levenson, you must identify and remove your own inner obstacles.

So to review, you must understand that as a human being you can not perform miracles but that you can accept miracles from a Higher Source! You must also remove your negative thoughts and feelings connected to receiving miracles and your desires.

Follow these two simple rules and miracles will follow you wherever you go!



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