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Self Improvement and Stress

Modern man lives under the most incredible stress ever, and having to deal with this permanent enemy really does not help in being able to live a healthy lifestyle and much less does it contribute to our self improvement. We are all tired of being bombarded with all kinds of ideas and suggestions on how to get rid of our stress, but there is really no general rule to do that and there is certainly no one way to do this.

First of all, we have to identify what is it that produces the most stress in our life. Is it work? Is it our relationship or the children’s behaviors? Is it the financial situation? Do we feel frustrated because we have not been able to achieve our goals at this time in our lives?

In order to concentrate on our self-improvement, we need to have the energy to do so, and stress really takes care of draining us from it, so we have to take care of stress first in order for us to continue our journey.

Something that is also of the utmost importance is our defining what self improvement means to us, since the concept does not imply the same thing to everyone. Are you considering self-improvement something having to do with an educational title or diploma? Can it be you define it as getting married and having the family you always dreamed of? Does it have to do with acquiring richness or getting to own your own company and being the boss? Is it, on the other hand, something having to do with your spirituality?

As you can see, although the above are only a few examples. self-improvement needs to be clearly defined for you before you can start trying to achieve it. It has nothing to do with what others do with the concept. When you identify yours, it becomes easier to try and save the energy you need for that and therefore, start trying to fight stress.

Are you the kind of conventional person that follows what others do because “it is the right thing to do”? Does that make you feel well or does it leave you with a sense of emptiness? Not feeling free is the most stressful experience for a human being, so sit and think about this. There are times when getting rid of these chains and all the stress they imply is the first step in our road to self improvement.

Going to places you do not want to go, doing things you do not want to do and trying so hard sometimes you forget why you are even trying and live considering you have to please everybody is a sure way to sentence yourself to self-imprisonment.

Self improvement is what you came to this planet to do, but with happiness, not stress and suffering, so make it a point at this stage of your life to analyze and define what you want to make out of it.



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