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Texting Girls – Interpreting the Hidden Meaning in What Girls Text You Back

Have you ever gotten a text from a girl and wondered to yourself “What the hell does that mean?” Or you may have gotten a text and wondered if you said something wrong.

If you were talking to her in person you could read her movements, her tone of voice and body language. But over text you have only got her words, so you need to pay attention and decipher them. So while you are working on you texting skills and learning what to say to her, spend some time learning to read the meaning into what she replies.

Here are a few common elements of girls texts that will help you out in deciphering you conversations.

Exclamation Points – This sign of excitement is a good thing, and it means that you are generating positive energy with her. If she is this excited in her responses you are doing something right, keep at it!

Question Marks – Obviously, if she is asking you a question that is one thing, but question marks popping up when there isn’t really a question, for example if she texts “We’ll meet up later?” means she isn’t real sure of what is going on or is confused. You need to lead harder and be more clear.

“What’s Up?” – This an opener that really means that she is wanting some attention. It isn’t as good of a sign as “You should come over” or “Lets go for a walk” but it means she wants your attention. Providing you have kept yourself out of the friend zone, this is a positive sign.

“Later” – If she’s just a buddy (a bad thing) then her texting you “Later” is pretty normal. In any other case it is just a little to informal and tells me that you haven’t built up enough sexual tension in the conversation to really have her be into you. Work on that.

“Umm… “ – In natural conversation most people will pause and think with an “Ummm… ” (which I hate). When girls are texting it though, it is a very bad sign. You most likely have crossed a line and proposed something that she is just not comfortable with. Sidestep, make a joke about it, do something to diffuse and redirect the conversation.

“Seriously?” – This one can go either way. If you just proposed something that is exciting her it is positive. On the other hand, it could also be being used sarcastically after you propose something she is not interested or worse turned off by. Again, if you have gone to far, you can always follow her “seriously?’ with “Of course not. Where is your sense of humor?” or something to that effect.

“Lets go for a walk” – Listen to me, nothing is more romantic to a girl than a quiet walk, hand in hand with a guy they like. It is burned into them from childhood, it is in the shows they watch and it is how they bond to guys. If she asks, GO! No excuses, just get your ass going!

Nicknames – Girls calling you nicknames is a sign of affection as long as it is something nice. Not all girls do it, but if you are text messaging a girl and she starts calling you by a nickname, it is a good sign. Unless of course she starts off with them too fast. In that case she may be a Class A clinger or stalker in training.

Now none of this is going to apply to every woman or every text conversation you get into with a girl. It is a good set of guidelines to start building your skill up at interpreting text messages from girls, and a way to increase your awareness to the underlying meaning that women put into their text messages.



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