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The Answer to Avoiding Breakfast

Do you know what is the most important meal of the day is? OK I know we have all heard that one before! But if breakfast really is the most important meal of the day why do so many people end up skipping on it?

After all, those who eat breakfast on a regular basis find that it is easier to concentrate throughout the day and tend to get more physical exercise, than those who don’t eat breakfast regularly. Plus studies have shown that eating breakfast will help with cholesterol and with weight management.

The thing with breakfast is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be big either, it can be as easy as grabbing a piece of fruit on the way out of the door! However, with our lives being as hectic as they are it is easy to find yourself in the habit of skipping breakfast! One important tip here is that even though you may be having breakfast regularly, it is still important to avoid cereals that are packed with sugar.

Here are 7 tips to forming a healthy breakfast habit:

1. Create a habit. If you aren’t into the habit of eating breakfast, start small with grabbing just 1 piece of fruit as you walk out of the door in the morning. And as you get used to that routine you can slowly start adding other healthy food types to your diet.

2. Curb your sweet tooth. Instead of having sugar loaded cereal, or worse yet a muffin, try whole wheat French toast topped with sliced apples or even banana. And if that is still too plain for your liking, you can always add a pinch of cinnamon or a few drops of vanilla extract!

3. Anticipate. Let’s face it life is hectic these days and not all of us have time for breakfast, let alone a healthy one! Try and prepare breakfast in advance or even place your smoothie blender out on the counter the night before along with your cereal bowls and spoons.

4. Get creative. You don’t have to fall into the trap of thinking that the only food available for breakfast is cereal. Try leftover vegetable pizza or a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread.

5. Breakfast on the go. The great thing about starting your breakfast routine with a piece of fruit is that you can always grab it out the door in the morning on the way to work!

6. Mix it up. Sometimes you just aren’t hungry first thing in the morning! In that case, grab a slice of whole grain toast or drink a glass of 100% fruit juice and have your breakfast as a mid-morning snack.

7. Gradually change. If you aren’t used to having breakfast in the morning, try having it just once a week and build your way up until you are having breakfast every morning.

Eating breakfast in the morning is important because it will prevent you from becoming hungry later in the day, which in turn, causes you to unnecessarily eat more than what you should have! Whether you like it or not breakfast plays an important role in the weight loss equation, which is why it is considered the most important meal of the day!



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