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The Best Workout Music Or Best Workout Song – Hardcore Gym Suggestions

Whenever bodybuilding magazine writers and other visitors to Metroflex Gym return home, they all lament the same thing in private phone conversations: they miss Metroflex’s atmosphere and music! They love the fact that their lifts go up in weight whenever they visit the “Most Hardcore Gym In America” as selected by Muscle & Fitness Magazine (July 2005).

Now you can take some of that atmosphere to your gym with Metroflex’s suggestions for the best workout music or best workout song to help you with your weight training. Yes, these will help you even if you train in one of the “ultra-posh” gyms around the world.

For those of you who love lifting heavy weights, you know that in most commercial gyms you have to blast your MP3 player merely to drown out the terrible club music playing above the squat racks; and that assumes they even have squat racks or a power rack in the first place! Now, even if you train in one of these gyms you can make your CD player or MP3 player “hardcore” enough to help you as you train with the methods of Metroflex.

We polled the Metroflex Gym members, and the owner compiled the Top 10 requested songs which motivate the members the most. In no particular order, here they are:

o AC-DC: Thunderstruck

o 2 Pac: California Love

o Rocky IV: War (the rest of the soundtrack is liked as a whole)

o Hank Williams, Jr.: Country Boy Can Survive

o Saliva: Click Click Boom

o Metallica: Enter Sandman

o Prodigy: Smack My B***h Up

o Ramstein: Du Hast

o DMX: I’ma Bang

o Rob Zombie: Living Dead Girl

Other favorites include:

o Metallica: Creeping Death

o Mudvayne: Dig


If you have a list of favorite songs which you think comprise the best workout music please e-mail us at newsletters@MetroflexGymTraining.com. We will compile your suggestions for a future announcement.



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