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Top 10 Benefits of Misting Fountains

You would be surprised to know that a mist fountain is more than a mere decor element. Technological advances have helped in making mist fountains significantly popular with their hidden health benefits.

Here are some of the most important benefits of a mist fountain:

Healthy Lungs: A mist fountain sends tiny molecules of water into the air. The negative ions produced make the air healthier to breathe and the lungs become more elastic.

Increases Energy Level: Negative ions are free by nature and a way to generate them is by using a misting fountain. These are odorless and tasteless molecules produced when air molecules are broken apart from the water as a result of the electronic module pulses. These are abundant in places like forests, waterfalls and beaches. No wonder why we feel energized and invigorated when we go to places like those.

Reduces Cold Symptoms: Humidity when maintained at the right level reduces cold symptoms by clearing the air of pollutants like smoke, dust and allergens in the home.

Reduces Skin Irritations: The moist air prevents lip dryness, scratchy skin and nosebleeds. Moist nasal membranes and throat allows the tiny hairs to intercept bacteria which can cause respiratory infections.

Increases Mental Alertness: Negative ions promote oxygen flow to the brain enhancing mental alertness, reduce drowsiness and improve mental functions.

Attractive Home Decor Element: The soothing fog from a misting fountain provides a relaxing, healthy, and calm environment. A well designed mist fountain serves as an Attractive Piece of Decor.

Creates A Visually Appealing Point: The misting fountains now-a-days come integrated with LED which make the units attractively in demand. The light display and mist output can be controlled. Different styles, features, colors and designs are out there that will match your need and taste. Stands vary in designs for both table and floor units. A misting fountain can also be found in a wall mounted version.

Improved designs have upgraded to the use of splash guards to catch water droplets allowing only the water vapor to disperse out. In the early editions of misting units, splashing had been a major concern; you wouldn’t like to turn your home into a swamp.

Serves As A Quiet Humidifier: A misting fountain operates quietly. You can only hear the soft and relaxing sound of water unlike the standard humidifier that uses a small fan to disperse the water into the atmosphere. Everybody knows how an electric fan works and the annoying that it produces.

Outdoor Use: When needed outdoor, there are high-powered misting fountains that can be used for ponds, streams and other water fixtures in your yard. This would add as a unique attraction to your pond. The water vapor appears like curling layers of fog over the pond or stream in your backyard. Some outdoor misting fountains are also built with LED to provide a beautiful lighting effect to the fog. The misting unit floats at the right dept by means of a buoy.

Energy Efficient: It’s a green way to use misting fountain because the LEDs are energy efficient so there will be no dramatic increase in your bills as you enjoy the full benefits from it.

The maximum humidity level in a house must be 30-40%. Above that would enhance mold propagation and would make the interior of the house and everything in it feel wet. Wet glass windows indicate excess humidity and are signs to reduce it. A misting fountain is the best solution to indoor dryness in winter. The relative humidity of indoors is much lower than the outdoors. Indoor air conditioners and heaters cause an additional dryness. Humidity is very important to a healthy atmosphere. A misting fountain can provide the necessary humidity.



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