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Top 5 Turn-Ons For Men – Learn What Makes a Man Laugh and Love

It’s easy to sit here and say that men are easy to figure out when it comes to sex, relationships and dating. That all guys want a woman who looks like a Playboy centrefold, loves sex, makes a lot of money, and lives to serve her man, right? Not so fast…

Men are far deeper and more complex than they often get credit for and there’s a lot of attributes that men find attractive that go far beyond beauty and sex drive. If you’re interested in finding out some of the top turn-ons for men, read on.

#1 A Healthy Self Esteem

Men are attracted to a woman who is self confident and gives out an overall vibe that they are “together.” With a woman who is confident, relationships become far easier. Men don’t have to worry about having that “does my butt look big in these jeans” discussion every time they’re getting ready to go out the door, and don’t have to spend a lot of time nurturing a woman’s ego by telling her how much he loves her every five minutes, either.

#2 Independent

This may be surprising to some people, but men like women who aren’t co-dependent. If a woman can pay her own bills, kill the spider in the bathtub herself instead of raising a major alarm and calling her man, and doesn’t need the door held open for her, that’s a lot less maintenance for a man to put in during a relationship. Men avoid high maintenance women like the plague.

#3 Funny

That’s right, funny women are incredibly attractive. If a guy can joke around with a woman without hurting her feelings, he loves it. It’s also incredibly cool when your girl can bust a joke that will make you and your buddies laugh, especially a zinger at someone’s expense. If a girl can be feminine but also hang with the guys and also add a little comedy, that’s a killer combination.

#4 Adventurous

When people hear the word adventurous associated with women, they often think of sex first. Don’t get me wrong, that’s attractive too, but the adventure should also extend itself outside of the bedroom in a winning relationship. If a guy can take his lady white-water rafting, camping, fishing, bungee jumping, and rollercoaster riding, he’s going to be very turned on. Women who like to take a chance once in a while are very sexy.

#5 Good Companionship

Okay, this sounds like a favourable attribute for a German shepherd, I know, but bear with me. Being a good companion is important to men in a few ways. For starters, it means being a good conversationalist. Men need someone to talk to and look for a woman who they can vent their frustrations with and also ask for advice and consolation. They also want someone with whom they can share their innermost feelings, hopes, dreams, and goals. The second part of being a good companion involves just hanging out, doing things together, and being there when you wake up in the morning. At the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants?



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