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Top Conservative Hen Night Games

While there are plenty of ways to have a dirty or adult focused hen party, there are also plenty of conservative hen night games that can be played as well. Finding the right games for your personal situation is extremely important and will help you to ensure that all of your guests have fun, without being uncomfortable or making the bride uncomfortable.

Board games are always fun, with plenty that are designed for adults, and even those of childhood you are sure to find a few that you are interested in without getting into trouble. With a huge array of board games that you can choose from including Scrabble, Clue!, and even Battleship you can play against your friends and reconnect to your childhood easily.

Other great hen night activities include a makeover or spa day. This gives you the opportunity to pamper yourself, and catch up on the latest gossip, without making a fool of yourself, or putting yourself into a potentially embarrassing situation that you are not interested in.

If you and your friends are into sports, then get out and go play. One of the biggest parts of hen night is just being able to spend time with your friends. This means enjoying yourself and their company and can easily include sports in the activities. With ice skating in the winter, and even soccer, basketball or softball there are plenty of ways that you can incorporate a sports activity into hen night.

Trivia games are also a lot of fun, for example, the Scene It! Games are a great choice since they can put your knowledge of television shows and movies to the test, while still allowing some friendly competition between friends.

While the traditional idea of a hen party probably includes racy games, risky behavior and women going wild on the town there are still options that are quite suitable for a more conventional hen night without the wild and rambunctious behavior that a typical hen night tends to invoke. Of course cutting loose and having fun is still acceptable as long as the bride and guests are comfortable but it is always good to still have plenty of ideas for what you are going to do, and choices that can help to ensure that everyone has the best time possible at the hen party.



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