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Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Pillows To Get A Great Night’s Sleep

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Who doesn’t enjoy a bit of pillow talk? Further, and with the average person spending an estimated third of their life in bed, when it comes to buying bedding finding the right pillows matters. So, to avoid pillow shopping becoming or causing a literal and potentially long term pain in the neck, here’s some top tips to getting the pillows to help you ensure a good night’s sleep – and, what is more, where to find them.

Knowing When to Replace Old Pillows

Suffice to say, for most of us replacing pillows is something only considered when our existing pillows become so flat, lumpy or tatty that we are driven to hit the shops. Recognising when a pillow could do with replacing before they get to this point though, and potentially begin making us grumpy due to poor sleep, could save a lot of trouble. So, put your pillows to the test before they begin testing you.

An age old means of testing the life left in a traditional microfiber pillow is to fold the pillow into two and place a book upon it. A pillow still in good shape should spring back and force the book from it in the process. Hence, if your pillow doesn’t do this, it is definitely time to go shopping.

For feather filled pillows meanwhile, check to make sure no feathers are poking or able to poke through the pillow. As our pillows age their stitching and material becomes lose causing what’s inside to escape or threaten to. Pillows with their insides poking out (even if they are still lump free and plump) need replacing as they can also permit allergens to get into them.

Plumping for the Perfect Pillows

These days pillows, like most things, are not the simple items they once were. Consequently, shopping for pillows too is no longer the simple task it once. So, it is advisable to take a moment, before hitting the shops, to learn about what is available.

Fortunately, the Pillow Advisor website exists to take the stress, time and effort out of finding out all about different types of pillows, fillings and the pros and cons of each type. Further, their ‘ Pillow Comparison Chart ’ brilliantly compares all the different and most common types of pillow to permit for the easiest and most stress –free means of determining which to plump for.

Working Out What’s Right for You

The materials from which pillows are made are not the only ways in which pillows can differ from one and another. When choosing pillows, it is equally important to take into consideration your own sleeping preferences. Pillows can come in a number of thicknesses and vary in terms of their firmness. Further, the favoured position by which a person sleeps can help to determine what pillow is right for them.

So, when choosing pillows to suit you, it is worth heeding the advice of an expert such as the Sleep Foundation’s environmental scholar, Natalie Dautovich, Ph.D. Dr. Dautovich explains: ‘In general, side sleepers need a thicker pillow, stomach sleepers need a thinner pillow, and a back sleeper will fall somewhere in between,’ With that general advice in mind, consumers are best to purchase pillows from specialist stockists such as Sleepy People, whose cheap online pillow store is also conveniently organised into the materials with which each type of their pillows are made as well as permitting customers to shop according to their sleeping position.



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