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Total Gym Vs Bowflex Revolution – Which is Best For You?

Anyone serious about a routine exercise program will eventually look into the options of a home gym system. There are many on the market, however the TotalGym and BowFlex Revolution are overall the most well rounded, providing high quality and phenomenal workouts. There are distinct differences between the two and it is important to remain aware of your exercise needs before deciding which is better for you.

Price wise, both of the systems are equally as costly although you can find a system from both manufacturers that cost anywhere from $250-$3000. The lower the price, the cheaper the parts and the more problems you are apt to have. For both home gyms’ consumers felt that the cheaper models did not provide enough weight and were slightly unstable and prone to tipping. Once you bump up your expenditure, both systems are built sturdier and offer more weight or resistance with which to work from. In any case, anyone interested in either the TotalGym or BowFlex Revolution should expect to drop a grand for a decent piece of workout equipment. Both companies offer reasonable payment plans and free shipping.

While the systems are designed to do the same thing, they do work differently. The TotalGym system works off resistance training and relies heavily on your body weight to provide proper training along with pullies that can be tension adjusted. The BowFlex Revolution comes equipped with up to 400 pounds of weights that can be added easily to any of the upper or lower body workouts. While the TotalGym should provide enough resistance for the average user those interested in heavy weight training will fair better with the BowFlex Revolution. In this case it really is like comparing apples to oranges and knowing your goals should definitely be a deciding factor in which you purchase.

Both of these total home workout systems will take up space in your home. Nether can be stored under a bed or in a closet and you should have ample space for the gym to work around it comfortably. One of the drawbacks for the TotalGym is that users who were heavier or taller found it awkward to use and felt that the TotalGym did not support their weight. However, for women and smaller people, this has been a plus. The BowFlex Revolution is a larger machine and is equipped to handle even the largest people comfortably! The design scheme for TotalGym and BowFlex Revolution are similar and they are streamlined and attractive, although they will not provide any decoration to a living space. They are truly made for functionality.

Consumers on both sides of the debate between the TotalGym and BowFlex seem to be satisfied with their products. Both companies honor returns and are quick to fix or replace parts if the need arises. There are few complaints floating around that say customer service for either product is lacking. One of the major differences is that the BowFlex Revolution can provide up to 100 exercises with 400 variations while the Total Gym will get you around 80 different exercises in total. The BowFlex Revolution is also much more adept at providing an intense lower body workout partly because adding weight is an option.

Both the TotalGym and BowFlex Revolution will provide intense workouts that really will get you into shape. Although they are similar in premise and provide a fine home gym experience, the BowFlex Revolution is obviously a better piece of home equipment that can all but replace any need for visiting a gym. That being said, the casual user or the person who just wants an affordable, easy to use way to add strength and muscular workouts will come out fine with the TotalGym for a whole lot less money than the BowFlex Revolution will cost. Serious muscle building will definitely require the BowFlex Revolution. Neither provides cardiovascular workouts but both are great home gyms that will enable you to engage in a fitness routine that is comparable to that you would get at a gym.



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