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Training Your Dog, When He Is Neurotic

How do you know if your dog is neurotic? Can you properly train a neurotic dog? Why is your dog neurotic? Do neurotic dogs ever get cured? Find the answers to these and a lot of other questions in the article below.

First of all, before you can figure out if your dog is neurotic, you need to know what a neurotic dog means. A neurotic dog can be defined as a dog that is excessively anxious and highly emotionally upset.

It’s widely recognized within dog training circles, that a psychoneurotic dog is down to how the master treats him. A lot of dogs these days are neurotic. Increasingly more owners these days take their dogs for behavioral modification. And more and more dogs are commenced on medications, like Prozac, (fluoxetine), for instance.

How do you know if your dog is neurotic? If your dog seems moody, in need of constant reassurance, and excessively suspicious of other dogs or cats in the house, or even of human beings then chances are you’ve a neurotic dog.

Think of it in ‘human’ terms. Suppose that when you were very small, you were removed from your family and given to somebody that you had barely met before. This individual is huge, and can pick you up by the scruff of your neck and place you anyway that they decide. Can you see how neurosis can evolve?

Sum to that, you no longer have a cushy place to sleep. You see the new owner sleeping on a bed, but he does not allow you do the same. You see that your new owner wishes you to act in a certain way, for instance, he requires you to sit and wait for your food. But you also notice that the cat doesn’t have to sit and wait, and that it still gets fed anyhow! Add to that, the cat in all likelihood gets to sleep on the couch, or even on your owner’s lap. Entertaining it in this manner, you can begin to understand why your dog could begin to feel a little hard done by, and this is when neurosis is likely to creep in.

All dogs can be trained sooner or later. It will take time and patience to train your dog, and your dog also needs to know that you’re on its side. It’s no good merely screaming at your dog whenever he does something wrong. Keep in mind, that he may not even recognize that he’s acted wrong, and the yelling simply reinforces the idea that whenever he does this, then he gets attention he so desperately wants from you. The more you shout the more neurotic and confused your dog is likely to become. In a dog’s eyes, any attention is better than no attention.

Entertain ways to go around your dog if you suspect that he’s neurotic.

One owner, who had a dog that liked to chew books, merely moved the books out of his way. As the dog grew, the books were moved to a higher shelf, and so forth until the books were on the very top shelf.

The dog never chewed the books. But the owner never got to read them.

The best way to train your neurotic dog is to take him to dog obedience school, and also to dog behavioral modification training.

A neurotic dog is no fun, it can be a lot of hard work to train and they tend to be obstinate. Wish you the best in training your neurotic dog, if you have one.



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