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Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Kills a Man’s Interest and How to Make Him Addicted to You

Do you know that the majority of women will never know how to get and keep their men interested? Most women just don’t know the real secrets about men and how to make their men addicted to them. Are you one of them?

You see, men are very easy to understand and the women who truly get how men are, don’t have many of the problems the majority of women have. In fact, a lot of these women are the envy of tons of women. They just have a magic secret understanding about how to get men interested and emotionally attached to them.

The ugly mistake most women make is NOT understanding how to relate to men or how to speak their language. Men confess this about the women they date and their girlfriends. Why can’t she “get” me?

If you find it frustrating that your man isn’t into you as he used to be or want to know how to make any man miss you or be more into you, you have to learn these secret skills. Once you know them, it’s like a principle. You add two plus two and you know it will equal four. When you don’t know how to work this, you’re at a loss, may blame men and get extremely upset or frustrated about their behavior.

I’m going to show you how you can use text messaging to turn up the heat even if your relationship seems like it’s on its way out the door or you just want to know how to get men addicted to you.

But first, let’s get this out of the way. In order for you to get results, you have to understand the mindset of men and romance.

Men view being romantic in a different way than you do and are motivated in different ways. You’re motivated to get attention and love while he’s motivated to get sex and feel good. The women who know the deep inner secrets, understand that they shouldn’t look down on men just because of their prime motivation. They use to their advantage instead to get their men emotionally attached.

Understanding his motivation will help you get more from him than you are getting now. And using text messages that speaks to his desires, will help to turn your relationship around practically overnight.

Text Secret #1 – Your messages must position itself as a game to him

Make sure your messages is filled with play and adventure or your man won’t be inspired to keep it going. He may not even respond. When you send a text message to get his attention, you have to keep business out of it. Talk about grocery shopping, home, or tasks outside of trying to re-ignite the romance.

Text Secret #2 – Pique his curiosity and create anticipation

It you send him a closed text message, it will have no power to pique his interest. You have to leave your text wide open for his interpretation. So insinuation is your best tool.

Text Secret #3 – Make him feel connected to pleasing you

When you send your man a message that doesn’t make him feel like a rockstar, he will not want to keep it going. Your text must make him feel good, he has to want to pursue you, want to give you the romance, want to touch you, be with you and give his attention to you.

Be very careful about what you send because sending the wrong message can work against you instead of working for you. You want your messages to turn him into a romance addict, not turn him off.



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