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What Men Are Attracted To: Qualities They Like In a Woman

Are you thinking of what qualities to have to get a guy’s attention? Do you want to know on what men are attracted to in a woman when they see her for the first time? Do you want to be the type of woman that men would want to have as a partner?

When thinking of what men are attracted to instantly when they meet a woman, you may say that it’s the look. This proves to be true as it’s your appearance that men usually notice first but there is more than this superficial thing. You should not only dedicate most of your time in enhancing your outer beauty, you should pay more attention and importance to what’s lying beneath the pretty face and gorgeous figure. When you are able to enhance your qualities from within, it definitely reflects in your overall look. What men are attracted to in a woman are some endearing qualities and these can include the following:

Quality #1: Confidence: What men are attracted to when they meet a woman is the way she projects herself. When you believe in yourself, the confidence shows in your personality. Men like being with people who are comfortable with themselves for it creates a pleasant atmosphere when they are in their company. If you have confidence in yourself, then you should know how to use it to your advantage. So the next time you see him, be more confident and he will surely take notice of you.

Quality #2: Funny and Carefree Disposition: Men value the time that they spend with the woman they like. What men are attracted to is not just a woman’s mature and serious side but also her fun side. When you spend time with your guy you should try to be natural and not worry on how you will look like when you tell funny jokes or do fun things. Make him feel comfortable when he is with you. Help him loosen up by letting your funny and carefree nature shine.

Quality #3: Share your Optimism: Another thing that answers the question on what men are attracted to when it comes to qualities of a woman is a woman’s optimism in life. When you have a positive approach in dealing with life’s difficulties and with the people around you, it radiates from within you. So instead of feeling down when faced with problems, be optimistic and this optimism will then be able to attract a guy’s attention.

Quality #4: Staying True to Yourself: What men are attracted to when it comes to qualities of a potential partner is a woman’s honesty. So when you are with the company of the man you have an interest with, honesty is very important. You should not pretend to be someone else just to impress him like trying to be a know-it-all type when you are not. It’s better that you show him who you really are from the beginning instead of creating lies and living on it.



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