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What to Do One Week before Thanksgiving

You only have seven days until your Thanksgiving guests arrive. Is it time to panic or time to plan? You are going to need a clean house, a scrumptious meal and a happy family. It is time to plan. Pullout your Thanksgiving planning calendars you started three weeks before Thanksgiving and get going.

One week before Thanksgiving:

Make a list of all your vegetables and creamery needs. You can purchase butter and heavy cream now and be sure to have enough. Often times the stores will sell out of these items closer to Thanksgiving.

If you will be having overnight guests purchase some eggs, sausage, bacon and pancake mix for the morning after Thanksgiving. This will make your Friday home relaxed and enjoyable.

All your vegetable needs such as squash, potatoes and green beans will keep well for a week. By purchasing all these items ahead of time you will not only be sure to have plenty you will also make your last minute shopping easier.

Dig out all your linens, china, crystal and silver.

Begin with washing and drying your linens. Iron your table cloth and napkins then lay them out on the table. Polish any silver you will be using and make sure that all the crystal is clean and sparkling. Hand wash all your fine china and lay it out on the table.

Dig out any turkey roasters, platters and serving dishes you will be using. Wash and prepare all of them so they are clean and ready on Thanksgiving. This will help to reduce your stress when it comes time to begin cooking.



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