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What To Talk About With A Girl On The Phone – A Simple Tip To Create A Super Fun Vibe Right Away

So you’ve been out and about like the smooth man about town that you are. Your natural, incredible manly charm made it practically impossible for her to refuse your request to exchange numbers. In fact, she handed over her number with a cute giggle that clearly demonstrated her obvious excitement.

You walked away from the interaction feeling really quite satisfied with yourself. All you have to do from now on is call her up, carry on the fun interaction you just shared, arrange a time and date to meet, and the rest is plain sailing!

Happy days indeed.

Except it’s not that simple. A day or two passes, and you decide it’s time to call. Your palms suddenly become sweaty. Your throat starts to feel scratchy and dry. And from nowhere, you notice your heart is almost beating out of your chest.

You make the call to her, and she picks up…’hello?’

‘Er…hi….it’s John….from the other day? We met in town?’

‘Oh…er….right…er, hi John.’

‘So how are you?’

‘Yeah I’m ok, you?’

And then what? What do you say next? Problem is, the conversation is already stilted, and as flat as a pancake. The fun, friendly, exciting vibe that you had the other day has gone, and you are right back to square one again.

So you have to create the fun vibe again – otherwise everything will feel flat and awkward.

Here is a very simple tip you can use to create a super fun, banter-filled vibe right off the bat when you call her up. When you start the conversation this way, you will find that you both feel relaxed, happy, and enjoy the chat – and it’s therefore totally naturally for her to want to meet you again.

This is it:

Give her a nickname first time you meet, and use it as soon as you call her up.

I do this all the time – it’s a lot of fun. I notice some aspect of her personality or look, and use that. So I might refer to her as Miss Feisty, Miss PartyChick, Miss Crazy, Miss Busy, Smart Girl, Miss Sarcastic…you get the idea. Have fun being creative with that – you can come up with some hilarious nicknames.

To name her, you simply mention it in conversation when she displays that trait. So she might make fun of you, and you might reply ‘wow…check you out Miss Feisty’. Then from then on, you can refer to her as Miss Feisty…’ok…whatever you say Miss Feisty…’

Then you know her as Miss Feisty – you can even save her number in your phone as Miss Feisty.

Then, when you call her up, you say, in an excited, happy to hear her voice kind of way:

‘Heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyy…Miss Feisty!!!!’

If you do this with the right vibe and energy, this always leads to her cracking up laughing. From here, you are both in a great, fun state of mind to continue the conversation.

It also means the following:

– you don’t have to go through the awkwardness of having to introduce yourself and wonder if she remembers who you are

– you create a ‘conspiracy’ vibe, where you are both in on a joke that the rest of the world has no clue about.

Actually, this conspiracy vibe is a great way of connecting with girls in general – but more about that in another article. Anyway, try this out next time you’re talking with a girl. And most important – have fun with it!



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