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Where and How To Start For Self-Improvement

Every day is a good day to do the self-improvement check, you don’t need to wait for a particular time to do so. All you need to get a pen and a paper and list down all the characteristics you have, all the habits you have whether good or bad because it is easy to think all the good things we have and done in our life and difficult to think the negative side of us but don’t be ashamed of it because you are doing the task for your own self and nobody is there to criticize it except you. Just be honest with you when writing down all the positive and negative stuff about your personality because this makes you think in a better way to get a proper solution to make the things right and be a better person for the rest of your life.

You might be thinking while doing the self-improvement list about the reasons for doing it, the simple answer is that you might have done or still doing something intentionally or unintentionally that you don’t like or maybe you are not as much happy as you should be because life is a slippery slope, you can fall anytime but when you are checking up yourself time to time and in a proper way, you will find yourself in a smooth way to your destination.

Don’t be hard on someone when you are criticized or be judged because sometimes it is good for your own self and you are actually getting self-improvement ideas, you don’t need to put an extra effort to actually think about those flaws which actually pointed out by someone else. It is also a common practice that we don’t see those flaws in ourselves which we get from others, instead of feeling bad about it, we should accept all those critics from the open heart and take all that time to rectify them and clear out the character in other’s eyes.

It is very cool to create an alter ego version of your character where you think about yourself as that person but not yourself. Think about the qualities and habits they have that you wanted to be like one and believe it or not, this is the most interesting job you will ever encounter and the result will always be in your favor and all the outcomes will be positive. You can take any example and start comparing yourself with that person, you can also create an imaginary person with all those characteristics and behavior that you always wanted to adopt and you will feel the better version of yourself in some time because there is always a room for improvement and it is always good idea to do so.



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