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Why Boston Terrier Dogs Are a Great Choice For Pets

Just about every child at one time or another comes across a puppy or full grown dog and begs his or her parents to get one. Dogs tend to intrigue kids but adults also love them. Who wouldn’t love a cuddly creature that easily becomes a part of the family? One of the best dogs for a family pet is the Boston Terrier due to the dogs attributes and heritage. In this article I’m going to point out more than 7 Reasons Boston Terrier Dogs Are Perfect Pets, especially for a family companion.

For starters, the Terrier is a fun loving dog that has a long heritage of being a companion dog. Their entire line has pretty much been family or companion dogs for as long as anyone can remember. This is a small dog, usually fully grown they are under 25 pounds, and have a square face. The Boston Terrier has a variety of interesting facial expressions and body language that show it’s inner personality even when they are seemingly doing nothing. One of the issues that many families face when taking home a puppy is, when the dog grows up they are not always still cute and cuddly, and people lose interest in them, but the terrier maintains the “puppy” effect long after it has grown up!

The Boston Terrier has many different personalities, much like their human counterparts. This makes it easy for people to find a Boston that more closely resembles their particular personality which helps strengthen the bond between the dog and its owner. Boston Terriers can be submissive to dominant (and everything in between) but overall they are well tolerated by people of many different personality types themselves.

Another great reason to get a Boston Terrier for a pet is that these sweet dogs are adorable and will get you a lot of attention when you walk them or take them to a dog park. Many people love putting their Terrier in dog shows, and their temperament makes for a great dog show contestant. The Terrier often has a black coat with white areas around the chest and black spots within the white area. They have been deemed by some to be the sweet tuxedo dog because they often look like they are wearing a natural grown tuxedo! When you consider the dogs mannerisms and appeal, it’s not hard to imagine where they get these cute nick names! Bostons’ also come in brown and white, brindle, and all brown or all white as well. These are just as adorable and still fit the nick names other than the tuxedo variety.

The Boston Terrier has long been nicknamed the “American Gentleman” because of its gentle mannerisms, and friendly disposition. This breed is very quiet and low maintenance. Boston Terriers generally get along well with people, even children, so this is a great dog to introduce to your guests instead of having to put him in the back yard or garage when people come over. The Terrier is a very social dog, but a very laid back one as well.

The terriers short coat is easy to maintain and doesn’t shed all over the place like longer haired dogs which is a plus. One of the things that dominates the decision of getting a dog is often how much work it will be to take care of it, and in this case the Terrier is a great candidate because they are very little trouble (in several respects such as grooming, temperaments, etc…)

The Boston Terrier is generally easy to train so this makes for a less frustrating transition when you first get him (or her). Some Terriers are, however, a bit stubborn, however when choosing your terrier you will know which ones these are. If you want a Terrier that is easy going and easy to train then you should not elect to get one that seems too independent and dominant. In a situation where kids will be in the home you need a Terrier with a mild, submissive temperament, because these dogs tend to have more patience and tolerance.

Overall there are more than 7 Reasons Boston Terrier dogs are perfect pets. Boston Terrier dogs are well loved by the people that own them, and they truly bring the definition to life of the famous term that a dog is “mans’ best friend”. In that statement “Man” is used loosely to include men, women, and children. If any dog fits the bill of the perfect family pet, the Boston Terrier wins the prize.



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